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10 Most Common Netflix Error Codes and How to fix Them All

We have gathered various Netflix error messages for you, explain what the problem is and how you can solve it. Netflix is one of the most popular video-on-demand platforms in the world. However, despite great in-house productions and series successes, even this streaming service is not free of errors. If you are looking forward to a new episode of your favorite series, but Netflix only displays error messages, we have compiled solutions to various problems for you here.

10 Most Common Netflix Error Codes and How to fix Them All

Netflix Error code UI-800-3: Stored information is out of date.

If the error code UI-800-3 appears on the smart TV, Fire TV stick, set-top box or console, there is a problem with storing information locally. This can be easily fixed in most cases. Briefly log out of your Netflix app and log back in. Now your series should run as usual.

If that doesn’t work, restarting the affected device can work wonders. That doesn’t help either? Then it might help to reinstall the Netflix app on the console or smart TV so that Netflix updates the necessary information.

Netflix Error code 1006: Saved information needs to be updated.

This error primarily affects iOS devices. Again, Netflix wants saved information to be updated. The solution approaches are similar to the well-known error UI-800-3: If error 1006 occurs on the iPhone, iPad or iPod, you should try restarting or reinstalling the Netflix app.

Netflix Error code F7353 : Firefox browser out of date.

When was the last time you updated your Firefox? Can’t remember? Then now is the right time. Because the latest browser version not only promises more security – Netflix also requires an up-to-date browser and formulates this requirement with the error code F7353.

Netflix Error code S7111-1309: Server error.

As cryptic as this error code sounds, you are powerless in this case. Error code S7111-1309 means that Netflix is having server issues. Here you should wait a bit and try again in a few minutes. By the way, you can see the current server status in the Netflix Help Center .

Netflix Error code NW-2-5: Network problems.

Here Netflix complains about your network connection. If you can rule out the possibility that the rest of the Internet-enabled devices in your house are using too much bandwidth, restarting the router or the device on which you are using Netflix may help. You should also check the reception quality of your Wi-Fi playback device. You can find best solution from here;

How to fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5


Netflix Error code 1016: Connection problems on iOS devices.

If error code 1016 appears on your iPad, iPod or iPhone, there may be something wrong with your Wi-Fi connection. If you can rule out that your router is the culprit, take a look at your Apple device. It often helps to briefly switch flight mode on and off again or to restart the device.

Netflix Error code 10013 or S7111-5059: VPN or unblocker connection active.

with a VPN, proxy or unblocker to circumvent the geo-blocking of Netflix, the streaming service shows the black screen – and the error message 10013.

However, this does not mean that Netflix puts a stop to all obfuscation tools. There is a lively discussion on the net about which options can be used to circumvent geoblocking. But it seems to be getting more and more difficult with Hidemyass and Co. to find ways.

Netflix Error code S7111-5033: age rating required.

You are of age and yet when you click on ‘Narcos Mexico’ you get error code S7111-5033, which indicates that Netflix classifies you as too young for the title you want to watch. That’s no reason to put away your bowl of chips. In your profile, you can adjust the parental control settings with a few clicks.

Netflix Error code NW-3-6

In combination with this code, you may get the error message “We are having trouble connecting to Netflix. Please try again.” is displayed. The cause of the problem here is usually the network connection or configuration of your device. To solve the problem, you should first reload the page or app. If the error message is still displayed, check if there is a working internet connection on your device. To do this, you can open a new browser window or – if you are using Netflix as an app – test other apps. If you find that other apps or simple searches in the browser do not work either, check your device’s network settings and restart it if necessary. Please note that the display of a WLAN connection does not always guarantee that you have a working Internet connection. If your computer fails to connect to the WLAN, we have summarized possible troubleshooting procedures for you in another article. Uninstalling followed by reinstalling the Netflix app or restarting your router can also help with such connection problems.

Netflix Error code M7301-1111

Are you using a VPN, proxy or “unblocker” service? If so, you may be seeing error code M7301-1111. First of all, stop and disable all proxies, VPNs or other software that may be redirecting your Internet traffic. The quickest way to do this is to reset your device’s network settings. To do this, open the “Control Panel” and click “Reset Network” under “Network and Internet”.

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