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4 Ways to fix iPhone 4013-4014 Restoring Error

iPhone 4013-4014 Restoring Error – Apple flies high in the technology industry for a reason – they produce great products that consumers seem to love every year. Whether it’s an improvement in design or additional, innovative features, they always raise the bar for their competitors to aspire to. However, Apple products still experience problems from time to time.

One of them is a problem when trying to restore an iPhone. The process should be relatively simple, as all you have to do is connect your iPhone to a computer via a cable, and iTunes should do the rest. But for some people, the prompt “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error (4013)/(4014) is displayed, either due to a broken cable or a bad wifi signal.

Solution 1: Before you start, try Apple’s Guide.

Before diagnosing, you should always contact Apple’s official help first when you see 4013 or 4014 error when recovering your iOS device. They will tell you exactly what to try.

If that doesn’t work, then you can start exploring other solutions.

Solution 2: Make sure your Wi-Fi is working fine.

One of the main causes of the error is a poor Wi-Fi signal. Now, you can either follow the Apple guide that we described above, which includes a section about your WLAN. Alternatively, you can simply reset your WLAN yourself if you know how, as this will usually allow your internet to regain a strong signal.

If you don’t know how to reset your WLAN network, it’s pretty simple. Just disconnect the wifi on your iPhone and computer. Then wait for a while to reconnect them to the network. Or you can connect your iPhone and computer to another Wi-Fi network if you can.

Solution 3: Change the U2 charge IC.

This is a much more complicated endeavor and requires some knowledge. So if you want to try this out, we suggest you look for a detailed tutorial on YouTube so you can see exactly how it’s done.

If you are not sure if you can handle it, just don’t try this method in case you damage a component, but you can read on to find other solutions.

Solution 4: Put your device into recovery mode.

You can also try this recovery mode trick that works for many iOS problems.

Step 1. Press and hold the Home button and connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Release the Home button and then you will see the “Connect to iTunes” logo on your iPhone – it is now in recovery mode.

Step 3, follow the prompt of iTunes to restore your iPhone. Once you see the charging icon on your iPhone screen, unplug the cable immediately.

Step 4. Wait for about 10 seconds, and when you put the cable back in, the recovery process should start.

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