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Add Skype Contact does not work – What to do?

You can add a contact to your buddy list on Skype in several ways. This can be done by anyone without any Internet knowledge in a few steps. There are a few things to keep in mind. If the other person is not yet on Skype, it will not work.

Skype is a great program to keep in touch with friends worldwide. You can use Skype to call, chat, write messages, just stay in touch and add new contacts to your buddy list. You can even sync Skype with your email and Facebook contacts so you don’t have to add each contact individually. Get to know the many features of Skype and don’t despair if you can’t add a contact to Skype right away.

Add Skype Contact does not work – What to do

Add contacts on Skype

Open Skype and enter your username and personal password. Now wait a moment and a window of Skype will open. You can now see your contact list. Maybe you have already tried to add contacts and noticed that you can’t, but in a few steps you can write to people you want to add. Those who have the email address or the full name will not experience that it does not work on Skype to add the contact.

It is very easy to add a contact. Click the “Contacts” option and then select “Add a Contact“.

Now you have four different ways to search for another person on Skype. You can search the phone number, enter the email address, the whole name or the Skype name. Once you have found the right person, simply click on “add“. This way you send a request to the contact. Now the contact you have requested only has to confirm your request and he will appear in your Skype contact list.

If it is not possible to add a contact to Skype, then the person you are looking for is not signed in to Skype. If you send them a request, they can sign in and you can send a contact request.

Alternatives to add/edit Skype contacts

Not only can you add contacts to your contact list on Skype, but you can also create a group that you can then chat with. To do this, simply click on the “Create a Group” option.

You now select the people and send them group requests.

Once they confirm, you will appear in your group.

Have fun with adding contacts on Skype.

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