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Best Tips & Tricks About WhatsApp Voice Messages

Voice messages are a blessing and a curse at the same time: For the sender, they are a quick message, but for the recipient, they are often a horror to listen to.

Voice messages have changed the way we communicate. WhatsApp offers interesting features around the spoken messages. Today we show you the best tips for voicemails.

WhatsApp Voice Messages – Best Tips and Tricks

Best Tips & Tricks About WhatsApp Voice Messages

Hold to ear to listen

As the recipient, you can simply listen to the message out loud. This can sometimes be inappropriate in public spaces. WhatsApp has a feature that plays the messages as soon as you hold your smartphone to your ear. Try it out right now.

Lock record button

When recording a long voice message, it can make sense to lock the record button. This way you can record the message without holding down the record button.

To do this, tap on the record button and slide it upwards in the direction of the lock that appears.

Use it wisely

Yes, for you as the sender it’s easy: just talk and send. For the recipient, a voice message is usually difficult: it takes longer to listen to it than to read the message. So use voice messages wisely.

Delete all voice messages at once

Voice messages are usually not very memory intensive. However, over time, they can accumulate a considerable amount of data.

You can delete all voicemails at once.

  • For this you need a file browser.
  • Go to the WhatsApp folder, then to the Media folder and further to the Audio folder.
  • Here you can remove all sound files.

Listening to voice messages without read receipt

To listen to a message without the recipient recognizing a read receipt, proceed as follows:

  • Put your Android device into flight mode and listen to the message.
  • Close WhatsApp again and deactivate the flight mode.

This way, the sender will not see the second tick, which confirms that you have heard the message.

Play messages faster

With various third-party apps, it is also possible to play back voice messages faster. So if you receive a lot of very long voice messages, this can be a good alternative.

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