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How to Activate DARK MODE in the Web Version of Facebook

The popular Dark Mode is supported by more and more providers. Now Facebook has also added night mode to its web version.

A recent update of the web version now adds this feature. What advantages the Dark Mode brings and what you have to do to activate it you can read in this article.

Advantages of the Facebook Dark Mode

Dark Mode offers the following advantages: On the one hand, the batteries of most Android devices are conserved: Displays consume less energy due to the dark background. In addition, it is easier on the eyes, especially in dark light conditions. This is due to the lower contrast and the fact that less blue light is emitted.

How to Activate DARK MODE in the web version of Facebook

Facebook Web: Dark Mode

Facebook already integrated the Dark Mode in the app some time ago. Now, after some waiting time, it was also the web version’s turn. For some time, more and more users were suggested to test the new interface. In a recent blog post, Facebook has now confirmed that the design is available for all users.

Not everyone likes Dark Mode and currently there are still problems with the readability of text in some places.

Activate Dark Mode

If you are not actively asked for it, you can activate the new design yourself.

  • Tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • You will now see the item “Switch to the new Facebook“.
  • If you tap on it, the new design will be activated immediately and can be used right away.
  • To finally activate the dark mode you have to do the following: Open the drop down again. Here you will find the new item “Night Mode“.

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