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How to Add AutoTune & Other Sound Effects to TikTok Videos

TikTok is probably by far the network with the biggest user growth recently. It’s to the point that existing social networks have almost in unison added a TikTok-like feature.

The consumption of content in chunks has increased a lot in recent years. This is exactly what Tiktok is doing: the short clips, can be watched in between. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to add effects to your voice or autotune your TikTok videos.

If you are not a singer, you will probably find it very difficult to modulate your voice lower or higher yourself. But it doesn’t have to be a vocal video in which autotune or another effect changes your voice. Depending on what kind of content you create, a modified voice can add a lot of value to it.

How to Add AutoTune & Other Sound Effects to TikTok Videos

Add Sound Effects to Your Videos with Voloco App

Unfortunately, TikTok does not offer a native function to change your voice accordingly. But there is a remedy for this in the Play Store. The app that is also used by professional TikTokers is called Voloco. After downloading the app, follow these steps to change your voice.

» Download Voloco from here

How to Add AutoTune Effects to TikTok Videos

  • Open Voloco
  • Tap on the big plus symbol
  • Now you can choose different effects. Beside “Autotune” we find the effects like “Super Vocoder” very interesting.
  • Now you can record the video
  • Your voice will now be automatically changed with the effect
  • You can now load the finished video into TikTok and edit it as usual according to your wishes. Your video with voice effects is ready.

How does it look for you? Which effect would you like to use to change your voice? Tell us in the comments.

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