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How to Catch Sheep in Minecraft

How to Catch Sheep in Minecraft – In the open-world game Minecraft there are numerous animals, such as cows, pigs and sheep. These appear randomly in the game world and are peaceful. Unlike mobs, animals don’t attack the player. You can even capture these animals with your avatar and get a pet that will follow you everywhere.

How to Catch Sheep in Minecraft

You can find sheep purely by chance in numerous places in the Minecraft game world. These animals behave like pigs, wander aimlessly and are usually in a larger herd. If you want to catch the sheep, you can either simply tame them and use them as pets, or you can build a cordoned off area and keep several sheep.

By having your own flock of sheep, you’ll enjoy some benefits in Minecraft. For example, you can shear the sheep with scissors and get between 1 and 3 wool blocks per sheep. You’ll need the wool to create various items. It is best to make sure that the sheep have enough grass available, because this is the only way that the wool will grow back.

You can even dye the sheep in different colors with the dyes and get especially beautiful animals in Minecraft. In addition, the sheep can still be bred and a couple can sire a small lamb. To do this, both animals only need to be in close proximity and you need to feed them with wheat.

How to Catch Sheep in Minecraft

How to catch the animals

Sheep, like all other animals in Minecraft, can be caught relatively easily, because you can feed and attract them with the appropriate item. Sheep love to eat wheat, so you only need this food and can use it to feed the sheep and lead them to your enclosure.

It is best to build a larger enclosure with fences and use a lockable door for access. Now all you have to do is go in search of wheat. Once you have collected enough wheat, look for the sheep and catch them with the coveted food. The animals will now follow your avatar and you can lead them to your enclosure.

After the sheep is in the enclosure, lock the door and go in search of more animals. Thus, you can catch a large amount of sheep in Minecraft and get enough wool blocks through your own flock.

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