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How to Change Voice on Whatsapp & Call [IOS & ANDROID]

If you usually tease your friends through WhatsApp you will be interested to know How to change the voice in the audios of the messaging app. This way you will avoid being recognized.

It is not complicated at all, nor are they payment requests. It does not matter if you have a phone Android or an iPhone – We will tell you what you should do to change your voice on WhatsApp.

To warm up engines, it is better to open the application store that corresponds to the operating system of your cell phone:

How to Change Voice of WhatsApp Voice Messages

Voice Changer With Effects App for Android

How to Change Voice on Whatsapp

This is the name of the first app we present for Android. If you want to try it out, follow these steps:

Download Voice Changer with Effects for Android – here

After you install it on your smartphone, it’s time to proceed with the steps to change your voice in WhatsApp:

  • Open the application and accept the permissions.
  • Click on the central microphone icon.
  • Record your audio.
  • Press the icon again to pause the recording.
  • The various effects available are listed below.
  • If you want more effects, you can show ads or buy the version without showing the app.
  • Once you have selected the effect you want to include in the recording, click the vertical dots and select the option to save or share.
  • Now select the app where you want to share it.
  • You should know that it will not be shared as a normal audio message, but as an audio file. That is, the name of the app or the name under which you saved the audio file will be displayed.

Voice Language Modifier App for Android

How to Change Voice on Whatsapp

It is the second app you will find in this article, and like the previous one, it is only available for Android.

Download Voice Modifier for Android – here

Now that you have downloaded the app and installed it on your Android device, let’s see how to record an audio and then send it on WhatsApp. You should know that the interface contains intrusive ads and this is not pleasant, but it is still a highly recommended application:

  • Open the application and take us directly to the main window.
  • Click on “Record Audio”.
  • When you are done, click the square icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you will get to the panel with all the options to change the voice.
  • Click on the disk icon to save.
  • There you will see the option to share.
  • Here it happens the same way as in the previous application. That is, it is sent as a file. However, you can still change your voice in WhatsApp messages.

Language Voice Changer Plus for IOS

How to Change Voice on Whatsapp

An app available on iOS. If you have an iPhone and want to change your voice so that audio is sent via WhatsApp or another instant messaging app, here’s what you can do:

Download Voice Changer Plus for iOS – here

It is one of the most intuitive apps to change the voice in WhatsApp messages: Just open the app and you will be asked to choose the effect you want.

  • This effect can only be heard when we record the message.
  • Then record the audio.
  • Now share it on WhatsApp or in the messaging app you want.
  • As you have seen, this is very simple Change the voice on WhatsApp. Now all you have to do is select the effect and share a joke or two on WhatsApp.


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