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How to Clean Canon ip4000 Printhead

Your Canon IP4000 has been experiencing poor print quality lately. It prints streaky and some colors are not printed anymore. In this case, the print head is dirty and you need to clean it.

Canon IP4000: Cleaning the print head

There are several ways to clean the print head of the IP4000. First, you should use the printer’s cleaning capabilities. The printer offers the possibility to clean its printhead itself. This involves forcing ink through the printhead to clean it.

Repeat this cleaning three times. If this still does not help, try intensive cleaning. This uses more ink, but it is more effective.

You can also find the intensive cleaning in the printer menu or in the printer driver. You should repeat the intensive cleaning twice.

If intensive cleaning still does not help, you must remove the printhead and clean it manually.

How to Clean Canon ip4000 Printhead

Canon IP4000: cleaning the printhead manually

  • First, you need to remove the print head from the IP4000. To do this, turn on the printer. Only when it is turned on, the carriage with the printhead will move to the correct position for removal.
  • To remove the printhead, first remove all ink cartridges. Then you need to flip the lever up. You can now easily remove the printhead.
  • To clean the printhead, place it in a container of distilled water. The water should be only a few milimeters high, so that only the print nozzles are in the water. Do not bathe the contacts.
  • Leave the printhead in the water for one day. Then let it dry for another day.
  • Put the printhead back into the printer. Now perform a normal printhead cleaning. The printhead should now be clean and print normally.
  • If this does not help, repeat the cleaning procedure with water. You can also use printhead cleaner or alcohol instead of water.

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