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How to Clean Printer Head of the Brother MFC 235C

If the print quality of your inkjet printer is declining, there is not necessarily serious damage to your output device. Even cleaning the printheads can provide a remedy. How to clean the print head of your Brother MFC 235C is described in the following instructions.

Before cleaning the printhead, perform a print quality test.
To clear ink nozzle clogging as the cause of print degradation, simply follow the instruction below. Before cleaning the print head, you need to run a print quality test in advance. You can leave your computer turned off, it will not be needed during the print quality test and print head cleaning.

How to Clean Printer Head of the Brother MFC 235C
  • Turn on the Brother MFC 235C.
  • Press the ‘Ink’ button on the printer control panel.
  • By pressing the arrow keys – up or down – select ‘Test Print’.
  • Now press the ‘OK’ button to confirm.
  • Now select ‘Print quality’ with the arrow keys – up or down.
  • Confirm again with the ‘OK’ button.
  • By pressing ‘Start Color’ the Brother MFC 235C will start printing the test page.

Check the result of the print quality test carefully

The four colors of the Brother MFC 235C are printed in blocks using short lines. They appear – from left to right – in black, yellow, cyan and magenta. Three errors can possibly occur in this process:

  • One or more of the blocks were not printed.
  • Many short lines of the colors are missing.
  • The lines of one or more colors are not shown in the blocks.

How To clean the Brother MFC 235C printhead

  • Press the ‘Ink’ option.
  • Press ‘A’ or ‘B’ to select ‘Clean’.
  • Press ‘Ok’ to confirm.
  • Press ‘A’ or ‘B’ again to choose between ‘Black’, ‘Color’ or ‘All’. If more than one color was missing during the test print, the ‘All’ function should be selected.
  • Confirm again with ‘Ok’.
  • After completing the printhead cleaning, run a print quality test again.

Check this to see if the print result is now satisfactory or has at least improved.
If there is an improvement in the printout, you should repeat the printhead cleaning. In total, cleaning can be performed up to five times.

If the print result is still not satisfactory, you should either replace the ink cartridges and start the entire process over again or contact Brother customer service.

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