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How to Clean the Epson Printer Printhead

You are the owner of an Epson printer and want to clean the push button of the device after a long period of use? With the right instructions, this procedure is done in no time.

Clean Epson print head effectively under Windows

Cleaning a print head, from Epson, is relatively difficult because you cannot remove the print head from the printer. Nevertheless, it is possible to clean the print head in several ways. One possible way is to clean it under the utility program in Windows.

  • To do this, connect your Epson printer to your PC and turn it on.
  • You should now see the printer displayed in your taskbar. Right-click on this icon to select the ‘Printhead Cleaning’ function. A wizard will then open for you.
  • Follow the instructions of the wizard. During the process, the printer’s on/off switch will blink continuously. Do not turn off the printer, but wait until the cleaning is finished.
  • Perform the procedure about four times and test after each time if the printer can print again as usual. If it does not, you can perform another alternative printhead cleaning.

Epson power cleaning – here’s how to proceed

  • If your print quality, after cleaning via Windows, is still not high quality, you can also perform a power cleaning of the print head.
  • To do this, open a writing document, such as Word, and fill it, about halfway, with letters.
  • The text in your document should be written in a color that your printer can no longer print properly. Check the quality of your colors by printing a colorful image beforehand.
  • Then print the text through your Epson printer.
  • In order for the print head to be cleaned, it must remain in operation. What this means for you is that, right after you start printing your first document, start another printout. To do this, use the same document.
  • Repeat this procedure five to six times in a row. This will automatically switch the machine to a high cleaning level.
  • Since this process uses a lot of ink, you should check the contents of your cartridges after cleaning. It may be that the empty cartridges are the cause of your printer’s inability to print properly.
How to Clean the Epson Printer Printhead

Last solution for cleaning Epson Printer Printhead

  • If both cleaning programs do not work with your Epson device, you still have the option of returning the device.
  • However, this is only possible if you still have a warranty on the printer. Epson works relatively quickly, so you can quickly put the device back into operation.
  • Before you do so, however, be sure to check whether the faulty printing might be affected by the cartridges being empty. When replacing ink cartridges, always use only Epson brand cartridges. Other ink cartridges may have a negative effect on the operation of your printer.

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