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How to Close All WhatsApp Web Sessions at Once

WhatsApp Web is the more or less everywhere usable access to the popular communication network.

You can start a session in WhatsApp Web on any device that has an up-to-date web browser. How to close all sessions on different devices at once, I’ll tell you in this post. Most users will use WhatsApp mainly via mobile app. But right now, many also use access via the Windows PC browser, for example.

Opening multiple sessions is not a big deal: it can only be used in one web instance at a time. Nevertheless, information about your account remains stored. Among other things, you can view the open sessions. How you can activate the dark mode in WhatsApp Web is described here.

How to Close All WhatsApp Web Sessions at Once

How to Close All WhatsApp web sessions

You can also close the current web session from the browser. To do this, simply go to the settings menu in the web version and tap on “Logout“.

If you want to close all web sessions on all devices, the situation is different. This can only be done via the mobile app. So open WhatsApp and go to the settings. Here, select the item “Log out from all devices“. Not surprisingly, all previously opened sessions will be closed.


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