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How to Connect Brother DCP-T500W Printer to Wifi Network

Are you trying to connect the Brother DCP-T500W printer to the WiFi network? Or have you already spent hours searching the Internet for a quick and easy setup? No matter what type of computer you use, you should be able to set up your Brother DCP-T500W printer wirelessly at the end of the guide on Mac Book Air & Windows.

Look no further. Just follow the steps to connect Brother -DCP-T500W printer with Wi-Fi.

How to Connect Brother DCP-T500W Printer to Wifi Network

Step to connect Brother DCP-T500W printer with WLAN

Firstly, open the wireless network wizard.

Search for your wireless network in the drop-down list.

Enter the correct security key and you will be connected.

You will receive a notification after the connection is established.

After that, install the printer driver.

The printer driver can either be installed from the CD or downloaded from the Internet.

The downloaded driver must be suitable for the Brother DCP-T500W printer.

Check whether the printer is working properly or not by issuing commands.

Brother DCP-T500W Printer Wireless Setup

You will need a password and network name for your wireless network, located on the back of the modem.

Turn on your printer and computer.

Click on the menu button.

Select Settings or the wrench and screwdriver icon, then select All Settings.

Scroll down to Network and press OK.

Select W-LAN.

Now select the setup wizard and press OK.

Select your WiFi network and enter the password.

Now you will be connected and can print automatically.

After rebooting and following all the steps above, you can now use the Brother DCP-T500W printer and print anything from any wireless device as long as that device is connected to a WLAN.

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