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How to Create Photo Slideshows on TikTok

Slideshow videos are the tool of choice on TikTok. But videos are also made up of individual photos. So why not create videos from photos?

TikTok is here to stay – at least until a new innovative network comes along. I’ll show you how to create videos from the photos in your Android gallery that are worth watching in today’s post.

Create Slideshows via TikTok’s video editor

The video editor of TikTok is quite powerful – we have already described this in this post. But you can not only edit videos with it. There is also a special “sequence” feature that will help you. Follow these simple steps and create your slideshow for TikTok.

How to Create Photo Slideshows on TikTok

How to Create Photo slideshows on TikTok

  • Open the TikTok app,
  • Tap on the + icon to create a new post,
  • Tap on “Upload” in the right lower corner,
  • You will now see the photos and videos in your gallery.
  • Select the photos,
  • It is best to do this in the order you want.
  • Now tap on the “Sequence” button in the bottom right corner.
  • TikTok will now merge the photos into a slideshow. You can now choose a background music. You can also choose from the different filters that are available in TikTok. Last but not least, you can choose whether the transitions are horizontal or vertical. Note that TikTok allows a maximum of 35 photos.

If you use more than 35 photos, you can of course create multiple slideshows within TikTok and then combine them into one TikTok video. Or you can use one of the video editors.

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