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How to Create WhatsApp Group Profile Picture with Sticker or Emoji [Fast & Easy]

WhatsApp group chats are perfect for bringing a family or other groups together in one conversation thread. Whether it’s members of a club, employees of a company or parents of children in a school class: You all probably use a WhatsApp group in which you communicate with each other. In today’s post you will learn how to change the icon of a group chat.

How to Change pictures of WhatsApp Group Chats

Unique photos for group chats can avoid unpleasant situations:

They help to find the right chat and not to send a message to a wrong group by mistake.

WhatsApp wants to make it easier for group founders to choose a suitable picture. Especially for spontaneously created groups often no suitable photo can be found. Mostly, the group photo then remains empty.

WhatsApp does not want that. The corresponding function is slowly being rolled out to all users. In our ultimate guide to WhatsApp, you’ll find even more tips and tricks for the popular messenger.

How to Create Whatsapp Group Profile Picture with Sticker or Emoji

Editor for group chat logos

You can find the new function in the settings of the group chats.

To do this, go to the group chat whose logo you want to change.

  • Now tap on the group name in the upper bar.
  • Now tap on the camera icon above the group chat photo.
  • In the following select the option “Emoji & Sticker”.
  • An editor will open
  • Now choose one of eight backgrounds
  • You can also choose a sticker or an emoji

The new group icon is ready. It can be assumed that WhatsApp will gradually integrate more functions into this editor. Tell us in the comments how many group chats you belong to. Did you accidentally send a spicy message to the wrong group? We look forward to your comments.


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