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How to DELETE Facebook Search History in the Android App

It is not surprising that Facebook stores the search history of its users. Nevertheless, Facebook also offers a function to delete them.

Search histories are one thing: On the one hand, they create added value because you can access frequently used queries more quickly. Unfortunately, they also reveal a lot about the user. I’ll show you here how you can delete the search history from Facebook.

Delete search history in the Facebook app

As mentioned at the beginning, it is not surprising that Facebook stores search histories. After all, the company earns money with the data of its users.

However, as we have already described in several posts, Facebook offers many ways to manage the data.With a few simple steps, you can delete individual entries or your entire search history. This is how you proceed.

How to DELETE Facebook Search History in the Android App

Delete search history on Facebook

After you launch the Facebook app, tap on “Activity Log“. Now you will see a list with all your activities. At the top you will find a “Categories” drop-down box. Tap on it and select Search History. Now you can see your searches. You can either delete all entries or just a few.

You’ll probably notice that there are even more options available to you for your search history queries. For Facebook, this data will probably remain stored somehow anyway – but it’s still good to know that you can limit the visibility of this.


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