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How to Eat food in Minecraft

Like a real person, a Minecraft avatar must eat food regularly. If the player goes without food for too long, the screen alter ego dies a virtual death. How to successfully avoid this, you will learn in the following tutorial.

How to Eat Food in Minecraft

The ability to make and eat food was implemented in Minecraft quite early. Food could and can be used to regenerate lost life energy. However, since the introduction of version 1.8, the process has changed somewhat with the introduction of the saturation bar. Health points are no longer generated directly by eating, but only increase when the character is full. In turn, you can now die from hunger, which significantly increases the importance of food in Minecraft. How food is eaten, however, has not changed:

To eat food in Minecraft, you first have to add it to your inventory and then drag it to the quick selection bar. This can be done by left-clicking with the mouse.

If you are hungry or have only a few health points left, you have to pick up the food like a tool. To make the selection, you can use the number keys 1 to 9 or the mouse wheel.

If you hold the food in your hand, it will be consumed by the on-screen alter ego after clicking the right mouse button (for Use). If the satiety bar subsequently shows nine counters, the life energy increases by half a heart every five seconds.

How to Eat food in Minecraft

Minecraft Food facts

As in real life, different foods in Minecraft have different nutritional values. For example, eating a slice of melon will only fill up the nutrition bar by one counter, while a steak is worth four counters.

Some foods can be eaten or processed as “raw materials” in Minecraft. Raw pork can be grilled in the oven and becomes more valuable. With the right recipe, you can also bake cakes, cookies or breads.

Not everything that can be eaten is truly healthy. Meat, for example, can decay and then cause food poisoning when eaten. However, this is hardly dangerous for your virtual hero. In fact, the nutritional value of spoiled meat outweighs the counters lost on the satiety bar due to the poisoning. However, this does not apply to raw chicken, which has a lower nutritional value.

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