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How to Enable DARK MODE on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is more important than ever, especially in the current crisis: Entire workforces communicate with their colleagues in the home office. However, Android devices quickly reach their limits.

Especially if you want to work productively with WhatsApp, you cannot get around WhatsApp Web, ideally on the PC. It is also possible to use the dark mode here. You can learn how to do that in the following article.

Using Dark Mode in WhatsApp

The actually innovative WhatsApp was a latecomer in terms of Dark Mode: While many apps already had it, WhatsApp users still had to cope with the light design. In the meantime, this is not the case and Dark Mode has even been implemented in WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop.

How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web

Using WhatsApp Web makes sense especially on larger screens beyond 12 inches. In addition, it can be used in any current browser without installation and is therefore “portable“. How to activate the dark mode:

  • Visit WhatsApp Web
  • Click on the 3 vertical dots
  • Select Settings
  • Here you will find the option “Design“. When you click on it, you can choose between Light and Dark. If you select Dark then you have activated the Dark Mode.

Dark Mode for WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop is a standalone Windows app for use on your PC. If you use WhatsApp Desktop, you can activate the Dark Mode just as easily:

  • But here the 3 dots are arranged horizontally
  • Click on it and choose settings
  • Again, you can choose between Light and Dark, the latter activating the Dark Mode.

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