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How to fix Bosch Dishwasher Error E18

Bosch Dishwasher Error E18 – If the Bosch dishwasher gives the error E18, you need to know its decryption. In short: too much water. The full value is given in the instruction manual.

As with any technology, dishwashers tend to break. Control units on modern models can self-diagnose. As soon as a malfunction occurs, the display will show an error code. Below you will learn how to fix everything yourself.

Why “Bosch” Dishwasher Gives an E18 Error

A dishwasher may display an E18 value for several reasons:


  • System crash
  • Increased water level in the tank.


What to do in this case? Try to reset the icons from the screen by reloading the following:


  • Disconnect The Device From The Network.
  • Wait for 10-14 minutes.
  • Repeat the startup.


If the error code has not disappeared, wait until the dishwasher has finished the program and completely drained the water from the tank. If the signs are still lit after that, you need to look for the causes of the error.

One of them is malfunction of the level sensor. This part regulates the water level in the tank and transmits the readings to the control board. Possibly, the pressure switch is defective or inaccurate information is displayed.

How can the problem be solved? Replace the sensor only.

In severe cases The reason may be in the control board. For diagnosis and replacement it is better to call the wizard. However, if you want to check it yourself, do the following:


  • Disconnect The Shopping Center From The Network.
  • Open the door
  • Remove the screws from the inside.
  • Close the door and cover the control panel.
  • There is a module behind it that must be disconnected from the wiring.


Burn marks noticed? Take the part for repair.

Follow the rules of operation of the device, then it will not need to be repaired for a long time. In addition to the correct installation of the PMM, the following is important:

Clean And Remove Clogs After Washing;

Follow the rules for loading dishes and detergents.

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