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How to fix Brother Printer Error Code 70

Your printer displays “Error 70” and you don’t know what it means? Also, the printer does not want to continue printing. How to fix the printer problem, read the instructions.

What is the Brother Printer Error Code 70

Error 70 is mostly displayed by Brother printers. It means that there is a foreign object somewhere in the printer or a paper jam has not been completely cleared.

To fix the problem, you should first clear any paper jam that may be present. If the paper jam is no longer there, check the inside of the printer for foreign objects and paper debris.

How to fix Brother Printer Error Code 70

How to Fix Brother Printer 70 Error


Firstly, open the scanner cover and see if there is a paper jam. If so, pull the paper out.

If you don’t see a paper jam, see if there are any foreign objects in the printer.

It is also possible that a fax operation has been canceled and faxes are still in the fax memory.

Therefore, you should unplug the machine for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

If the printer problem persists, check for foreign objects under the print head. To do this, unplug the machine and open the scanner cover.

You should see the print head on the left side. Carefully move it to the center. Do not exert too much force, as the parts are made of plastic and can break.

If the print head is all the way on the right side, you will not be able to move it. Then you will have to turn the printer back on.

If you now see foreign objects or paper under the print head, remove it. Use a flashlight to see better.

Now you can reconnect the printer and turn it on.

The printer problem should be solved. If error 70 is still displayed, you will need to contact Brother Customer service.

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