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How to fix Canon Printer 1660 Error

Canon Printer 1660 Error Solution – Canon printer error code 1660 indicates a typical cartridge error. It generally occurs when you do not install the ink cartridges properly. If the error occurs on your printer, you will not be able to continue the printing session. This error can even slow down and slow down the printing process. If you want to print without any problems, you need to fix Canon printer error code 1660. If you are a Canon printer user and you have this problem on your device, just read this article to fix this error quickly.

Canon printer error code 1660: symptoms.

When the orange light of your printer flashes four times, this error 1660 has obviously occurred on your Canon printer during a printing session. Because of this typical sign that the orange light flashes four times, this error is sometimes referred to as the orange light flashing four times.

Reasons for Canon printer error code 1660.

Before you can fix this error, you first need to know the main causes of this error. Therefore, let’s find out why this error actually occurs.

Improper installation of ink cartridges.

Misplacement of ink cartridges after refilling.

Clogged or damaged ink cartridge.

The printer cannot detect the ink tank.

Fix Canon printer error code 1660 in minutes.

Don’t panic after seeing this error code 1660 on the screen because fixing this problem is relatively easy. You can easily solve this problem using simple methods and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do so. Therefore, we recommend that you perform all the hacks one by one.

Steps 1: Replace the ink cartridges

This simple hack clicks for many users to fix this error 1660. If you install the cartridge incorrectly, it can be a cause of this error code 1660. Follow all the steps one by one to reinsert the ink cartridges:

First, remove the printer cover.

Now check whether the red lights on the ink cartridges are on or not.

If the red light of an ink cartridge is off, it means that this ink cartridge is not inserted properly.

So you will need to reinsert this.

Just remove the cartridge first. Then carefully reinsert it after a few seconds.

Make sure the orange protective cap is removed from the bottom of the ink cartridge.

Now press the Continue / Cancel button to continue printing.

Steps 2: Cleaning and resetting the ink cartridges

If you still encounter this problem after reinserting the ink cartridges, clean and reset the ink cartridges one by one. Simply follow the instructions below to remove the cartridge and reset it.

First, turn off the printer and disconnect all cables from the printer.

Now open the cover and carefully remove the ink cartridge.

Clean it carefully and insert it.

Now press and hold the reset button for some time.

When the connection between the printer and the ink cartridge is established, a red light will flash.

Press the reset button again.

When the green light starts flashing, release the button.

Now the ink cartridge reset process is complete. Now perform a test print to check whether the process is successful or not.

If this problem still occurs after the above steps, there is no problem with the ink cartridge. It is possible that the print head of the Canon printer is causing the error, or you should restart the printer once.

Steps 3: Restart the printer

Most error codes are resolved by restarting the printer. So, you can also try this simple trick to remove this Canon printer error code 1660. Just follow the steps below one by one to restart your Canon printer.

First of all, unplug the power cord of your printer.

Now wait for some time.

After a few minutes, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Keep the power switch pressed and simply plug in your printer’s power cord.

When the printer is on, just leave the power switch.

Try printing on your Canon printer again and check whether the problem persists or not.

Steps 4: Clean and reinsert the print head

A print head is an important component of a printer that allows the printer to spray, write, and feed ink onto the paper. If you see this error message, there may be a problem with your printer’s print head. Therefore, a thorough cleaning of the print head can help fix this problem. You can manually clean the print head by following these simple steps.

Unplug the power cord from the power source to turn off the printer.

Now remove the ink cartridges and then the print head from the printer.

Now carefully clean the print head with a dry and clean cloth.

Replace this print head and the ink cartridge in the correct place.

After completing this procedure, check whether this error message occurs or not.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you still have questions about this Canon printer error code 1660, send us a comment below.

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