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How to fix Canon Printer E202 Error

Canon Printer E202 Error – Canon is known for its high-quality printing. Canon printers are prone to malfunctions just like any other device. Canon printer error E202 is one such error that has caused problems for Canon printer users. This guide explains the most common causes of Canon error 202 and how to fix error 202 (E202) in a Canon printer.

What are the causes of Canon E202 error?

The E202 error can be used on almost any Canon all-in-one printer. This error prevents users from accessing the write, scan, and print functions of their Canon multifunction device. The cause of this error depends on the printer type. However, a typical error that causes this error is that the scanner is not working properly.

If the scanner cannot return to its original position, which is on the left side of the glass flatbed, the Canon MFP will display the E202 error. This occurs when either the scanner’s CCD unit or the cable connecting the CCD unit to your all-in-one device is defective. Therefore, the most effective way to fix this problem is to replace your CCD device or its cable.

How to fix error 202 (E202) in Canon printer.

We will use the Canon MF 231 printer as an example, but the same steps apply to all Canon MFP printers. The external configuration of the MFPs, but the scanners of all Canon All-in-One devices would be the same.

1. open the two screws on the top of the scanner.

2. then open the screws on the bottom of your scanner.

Slowly unlock the plastic plate that holds the scanner glass plate. You can use a blunt plastic strip to help you.

4. Once the plastic plate is removed, the scanner glass is free to be removed. Remove it.

5. Information: This will expose the CCD unit, which is placed on a metal rail attached to a band and rubber strip. The rubber strip runs on two rollers and a spring is attached to one of the rollers.

6. move the CCD unit to the center and remove the rubber strip from the roller wheel that does not have a spring attached.

Now remove the rubber strip from the other roller and carefully detach the ribbon from the CCD unit.

8. then carefully remove the rubber strip from the CCD unit.

Now your old CCD unit can be freely removed from your printer. Take the new CCD unit and follow the steps below. 9.

Take the new CCD unit and carefully attach the rubber strip and ribbon. Then place the CCD unit on the metal rail.

Next, place the rubber strip around the roller with a spring and stretch it to place it on the other roller.

11. once the new CCD unit is properly placed, make sure the CCD unit moves freely over the metal rail before proceeding to the next step. A properly placed CCD unit should look like this.

Insert the scanner glass so that it covers the CCD unit. Make sure the scanner glass is stable in the slots provided and does not move.

Replace the plastic plate to hold the scanner glass in place. Then tighten the screws on the top and bottom of the scanner. Now you can restart your printer and it will print, scan, and copy properly.

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The actions listed above should be taken in the same order that they were listed. Remember that all components of your scanner are susceptible to injury. Therefore, use the least amount of force and strive to do so gently while handling them. You will fix the 202 error in your Canon MFP printer by following the steps outlined in this manual.

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