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How to fix Canon Printer Error Code 5011

Canon printer error code 5011 is a typical problem that can be fixed within a few minutes. This error number occurs when the ink cartridge holder is jammed or a sheet of paper is stuck on the cartridge holder. It can also be the result of an incorrectly inserted cartridge. In this case, all you have to do is remove the cartridge and reinsert it into the print head holder. Let’s see how you can solve this problem by going through the troubleshooting steps one by one.

Causes of Canon error code 5011 occurrence.

There are many causes due to which your printer may have encountered an error. These causes are:

The scanner unit must be damaged, resulting in Canon Printer Error 5011.
The movement of the scanner is interrupted by dirt or other foreign objects inside.
The flexible data cable is broken or has shifted.
Damage or a block has occurred in the motherboard.
Troubleshoot Canon Error Code 5011
Steps to reinsert the cartridge:

If error code 5011 appears on the Canon printer LCD screen during printing, turn off the printer and unplug the power cord.

Depending on the printer model, you can turn the printer on or off while removing the ink cartridges.

However, when the 5011 error occurs, we recommend turning off the printer.

Remove the misplaced cartridge from the printhead holder by opening the scan unit.

Now reinsert the ink cartridge into the printhead holder until it clicks into place.

When the process is complete, lower the scanner unit and connect the power cord to the printer.

Press the Power button to turn on the Canon printer and check that the 5011 error message clears from the printer screen.

Steps to remove the jammed paper under the print head:
When the paper is jammed under the print head, Canon printer error code 5011 is displayed on the printer screen. Let’s see how to remove the jammed paper.
Turn off the printer, and then unplug the power cord.
Open the scanner unit and slide the print head to the far end.
Grasp the jammed paper and carefully remove it from the printer.
After removing the jammed paper, check that there is still paper in the printer.
Now close the scanner unit and reconnect the power cord to the printer.
Press the power button to turn on the Canon printer.
Now check if the error 5011 is displayed on the printer screen. By now, this error message should have disappeared.
If you have any questions about Canon printer installation or need further clarification on the Canon printer error code 5011 troubleshooting procedures described on this page, please comment and contact our technical team. They will be happy to help you clarify the issues.

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