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How to fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon Printer Error Code 5100 – Canon printer error code 5100 is related to an ink cartridge error.

The most likely reason for this error to occur is the obstruction in the paper feed path or any packing material left in the machine.

In this article we give possible recommendations to fix this error 5100.

Follow the methods given below to fix Canon printer error 5100.

1. reset the ink cartridge

The incorrectly set ink cartridge may affect the operation of your printer device and lead to the occurrence of Canon error 5100. To fix this problem, open the front of the printer and rearrange the cartridge.

2. reset the printer

Sometimes the printer needs to be reset every few days to keep it running smoothly. If a Canon printer error 5100 occurs on your printer, you can fix it by simply resetting your printer device.

To reset your printer, press and hold the stop button for 5 seconds and then release it. Now the printer will reset and should now work properly.

3. dirt in the printer

By cleaning your printer, you can fix Canon error 5100 very easily. There is a possibility that there is a small or torn piece of paper or packing material in the printer.

Even small foreign objects can trigger the 5100 error. Therefore, make sure that nothing remains in the printer machine.

In this case, follow the steps below:

Disconnect your printer device from the power supply.

Remove the papers from the printer

Tap twice to remove any obstructions in the paper feed path.

Now reconnect the chord and turn on the printer.

You can also blow the inside pages out of the printer with compressed air to remove any dirt or material inside.

4. paper jam

Sometimes you may encounter this Canon error 5100 while printing and not removing the paper from the output tray. This is all because of the paper jam.

The paper remains in the machine and cannot remove paper from the printer. In this case, open the back of the printer and check whether the paper is jammed inside or not. Better arrange the paper stack back inside the tray to avoid future paper jams.

5. clean the print strip

This is also known as the encoder strip, the white plastic material that is inside the printer. This strip basically sits on top of the drive belt.

Any kind of ink stains or dirt on this strip can cause error 5100. Therefore, always check to see if this print strip is clean or not. If you see any dirt or ink on it, wipe it off immediately with a soft cloth or tissue.

We hope the above methods will fix your Canon printer 5100 error on your PC. However, if your problem is still not solved, please contact Canon.

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