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How to fix Canon Printer Error Code 6502

Canon Printer Error Code 6502 – Although Canon is a leader in printer manufacturing, it is never free from technical glitches. Most of the Canon printer users often complain about the error code 6502 Canon printer.

Basically, the problem with ink cartridges or the sensor is responsible for the 6502 error code. If you are a Canon printer user, you may also experience problems with your printer. It is necessary to take steps to fix the problem.

If you have no idea how to remove Canon printer error code 6502, stay with this article. We will discuss the reasons and effective solutions for error code 6502.


Possible reasons for the 6502 Canon Printer error.

An essential tool for printing or scanning the hard documents is a printer. But somehow, when printing or scanning a document, problems may occur. The most common error that users often get is 6502 Canon Printer error code. Therefore, every Canon printer user is familiar with the 6502 error code. In fact, various reasons are responsible for the 6502 error code.

Basically, the problem with ink cartridges or sensors is the main reason for the appearance of code 6502. When the error code appears on the screen, the printer cannot detect the ink cartridge chips on your system. For this reason, your printer may stop printing or scanning documents.

Another reason that is responsible for the 6502 error code is the blockage of an LED. If there is adhesive or water taps on the chip or LED on the back of the ink cartridges, it can mainly cause a dilemma when printing or scanning at the same time. As a result, error code 6502 occurs on your Canon printer and scanner.

If you are struggling with this error code, you need to follow the section below to troubleshoot 6502. Therefore, stay updated with the article.

Fix Error Code 6502 Canon Printer

Since printer error 6502 is a common error that bothers today’s users, you need to opt for the right solutions to fix the problem.

Therefore, check in here with this article to find the best solutions to fix Canon printer error 6502. With the help of the solutions, you can fix the error code by yourself.

Method 1: Remove the damaged cartridge.

As mentioned earlier, the faulty ink cartridges are the main cause of error code 6502, so to fix error code 6502, you need to work on the ink cartridges.

Step 1: First, press and hold the power button to turn off the printer. After that, unplug all the power cords from the back of the printer.

Step 2: Then remove the faulty ink cartridges from inside the printer. After that, connect the power adapter and press the power switch for 30 seconds. Then wait for a while and press the Resume button twice in a row. This way, the printer will automatically reset the printer settings.

Then try to print a page and check whether the same error message appears on the printer screen or not. Therefore, if the solution does not help you fix the problem, try to perform another method described in the following section.

Method 2: Replace the ink cartridges

To proceed with this method, the first two steps are identical to Method 1. Turn off the printer, disconnect all power cords, and remove the ink cartridge from your printer.

Step 1: After removing the ink cartridges from your printer, reconnect all the power cords. After that, turn on the printer.

Step 2: After that, reinsert all the ink cartridges of your printer and close the scanner lid or door.

Then, check whether the 6502 error code is still displayed or not.

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Method 3: Alternative method

First, turn off the power switch. After that, press and hold the resume switch and the power switch at the same time. After that, green light will be on in the printer. When you see green light, leave the Resume button, but not the On / Off button. After waiting for a while, click the Resume button twice in a row.

You also need to wait for the Canon printer to settle down. If the printer does not have the required power supply, remove the power cord from the back of the printer. Then wait for some time. Next, you need to reconnect the power supply and turn on the power.

Hope that with the help of the above solutions, you can fix Canon printer error 6502. However, if you face any problems while using the methods, you need to clear your doubts. You can share your doubts with us. They will try to help you clear all your doubts related to error code 6502.

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