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How to fix Canon Printer Error Code C000

Canon Printer Error Code C000 – Canon printer error code c000 is one of the most common errors that Canon printer users may encounter while printing. Well, there are various causes due to which you can encounter this error in your device. If you are one of the users who encounter this error on your device and they are not working, this article is just for you. To know more about the causes and solutions, follow this article till the end. Here you will get a brief discussion on how to fix this error yourself with the most appropriate solutions.

Causes that led to Canon printer error code c000:

There are several causes due to which this error can occur. They are listed below.


  • Due to paper jam error in your printer, this particular error may occur in your machine.
  • Due to unseated ink tanks, this error may also occur.
  • If you are using one of the empty ink cartridges, this error may also occur.
  • Now that you are aware of the causes, let’s focus on the solutions to fix this error quickly.


Basic methods to fix Canon printer error code C000:

Here are some hacks provided by experts that can help you fix this Canon printer error code c000 easily.

Method 1: Remove packing material properly.

If you have noticed Canon printer error code c000 on your device, you can get it if you have not removed the packing material properly. At this time, you need to open the door of the printer and remove all the packing materials. Once you are done, you need to close the door and check whether you can resolve this issue or not. If you can’t fix this issue, you need to follow the alternative method.

Method 2: Be sure about the ink tanks.

If you are using ill-fitting or non-seating ink tanks, you need to properly install your ink tank. In this case, you need to open the printer door and make sure that the ink tanks are properly seated. After inserting your printer, try to check the status of the printer. If you find that the Canon printer error code c000 persists, try performing the next method.

Method 3: Check the ink cartridges

If you are not aware of empty ink cartridges, this error may also occur with your printing devices. In this case, you need to remove the used ink cartridges one by one and make sure that none of them is empty. If you noticed that one of the ink cartridges is empty, you need to replace it and check the status of the error. You can solve this problem using this method.

Method 4: Clear paper feed path

This error can also occur due to a paper jam error. In this case, try to remove all foreign objects like paper clips and torn pieces of paper from the inner part of your printer and clear the paper feed path of your printer.

After following these steps, you may be able to fix the problem with Canon printer error code c000. If not, try following the alternative method described below.

Method 5: Reset Canon device

If you cannot fix this problem, you can try resetting your Canon printer to resolve this error. Try the following steps to perform this action:

First, you need to turn off your device and unplug the device completely from the power outlet.

Now, you need to wait for some time and reconnect your device and turn it on.

After you have done all these steps, you need to check the status of the error. This time, you can definitely fix this problem. Also, keep in mind that resetting the printer will delete all the files that you have saved in the memory.


In this article, the experts have provided comprehensive instructions that will help you know how to fix Canon printer error code c000 with ease. Avoid step jumps to complete the process without any further complications. If you encounter any system glitches while following the given steps, you can leave a comment as feedback.

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