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How to fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

Canon Printer Error Code U052 – When it comes to the printer, most of the options are only for the Canon printer. People just love to use Canon as it is the most amazing printer. It has many features and also prints in full HD. It works very smoothly, fast and clear.

Whoops, are you facing Canon Printer Error u052? Is it annoying or troublesome? Don’t worry, Canon printer code u052 will not show up soon. This is a very normal problem.

Here is the complete guide to fix Canon Printer Error u052. We are here for you until you have no more success.

Before you fix this Canon printer error u052, we will give you a little insight about the meaning of this u052 error and the reason behind this error displayed on your device.

Since the u052 error on Canon printer is not a very big problem, it is just a problem with a print head error.

Now you realize what error u0522 means on your device, but you are still not out of this situation. You need to follow some of the steps to remove this error from your Canon printer.

Fix Canon printer error u052 – With this useful method.

Now it is time to share the steps to fix this error on your printer. These steps would be very simple and effective. If you follow these steps correctly, you will definitely get good results. So, let’s get started, take a look!

Restart your device:

The first step to fix this error is to restart your device. Sometimes it gets offline or due to more than printing.

And the number of scans that were just there will further harm your device and also create hurdles. So it is very important that you reset your device to remove all unnecessary data.

Also, you need to reset your device once a month. It is very important.

This is how you restart the printer:

First, you will see a power switch on the Canon printer. Did you find it? Great, just press the power button.

Now you need to wait for 10 to 15 seconds.

After the time is up, you need to turn it on. Press the switch power again in this way.

Now your device will restart, but how do you know? This is how you can tell if your device has been restarted or not by looking at the display.

If the date or time is shown on the display, it means that you have completed the first step.

Some users will not have this problem now, but some users will still face this problem, right? Don’t worry, we still have a solution to fix this problem. Take a look below!

Clean it:

Ok, now it is a very common thing that can be a main reason for Canon printer. Error u052 is displayed due to a piece of paper stuck on your printer.

Are you thinking about removing the paper or checking if there is something or not, do you need to take your printer to the service technician? No, I have to take it anywhere.

We will tell you how to fix this problem yourself. Just follow the written steps below.


  • Open the printer cover.
  • After opening the printer cover, carefully look for jammed paper.
  • Did you find a piece of paper? If so, follow the rest of the steps.
  • Remove that or check the right and left sides of the print head as well.
  • After you check there, cover it again.
  • And open the transparent cover.
  • Open the inner cover.
  • If you find jammed paper, just remove it from there.
  • Now close the inner cover and the jam cover.
  • Unplug the machine for 5 seconds.
  • Now all I have to do is plug it in again.


Make sure there are no unwanted particles like a small piece of paper or a lot of dust. If there are such unwanted particles in your scanner, your device will also be destroyed.

Cleanliness is important for everyone. Clean your Canon printer once a week so that there are no problems that bother you.


  • Open your Canon printer.
  • Put the cartridges in the cartridge replacement position.
  • Check both cartridges installed there.
  • Make sure both cartridges have the correct codes for your printer. This is very important.
  • If you want to check the correct codes, just google the model number and from there you can easily find the information that is correct or not.
  • Next, we need to make sure that the cartridges are clean. If they are not clean or damaged, it cannot be identified properly.
  • Just wipe them quickly with a small piece of cloth.
  • Clean the contacts as well.


We hope that after following these steps you will be out of this problem, and that is what we want.

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