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How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 000031

Epson Printer Error Code 000031 – According to a majority of Epson printer users, error code 00031 is usually displayed due to technical problems with the scanner section in their printers.

This is quite an annoying problem and can occur for several other reasons as well. In short, your printer may display this error message due to both hardware and software issues.

On some Epson printers, this error is displayed when the scanning mechanism is jammed or damaged. Some users have also reported that the printer may display this error message if there are paper crumbs or debris stuck in the device.

Sometimes an internal device error also results in Epson printer error code 000031, which can be resolved with engineering fixes. Therefore, unless you correct this problem, the printer will not be able to perform printing tasks. If you want to fix this printer problem, continue reading this article.

In the following sections, you will learn some effective methods to remove Epson error code 000031 from Epson printers. If you do not know why this printer problem occurs, read this article to find out the underlying causes.

Why do you encounter Epson error code 000031?

For users who are unsure of the reasons for Epson printer error code 000031, this is the right section. As explained above, this error can occur with your Epson printer if there is a technical problem with the scanner.

The internal mechanism can also be blocked for a variety of reasons, including a hardware malfunction. In many cases, users receive this error message when the toner cartridges in their Epson printers are not installed properly.

Few users have even noticed that program conflicts can occur when too many devices are connected to the printer. Therefore, this can further disrupt the normal functioning of your printer and cause 000031 error notification.

Do not ignore the problem of paper jam in your Epson printer as this may also contribute to this printing problem.

If there are missing or corrupted files during the installation of the Epson printer firmware, this may cause the 000031 error in the device.

Epson Printer Troubleshooting Error Code 000031

Solution 1: Install the printer cartridges properly

If error code 000031 continues to appear on your Epson printer, you can check whether the cartridges are installed properly or not. This is one of the first methods you should use before any other technical fixes. If your printer is having this problem due to toner issues, turn it off and remove the cartridges from the machine.

Then wait for about 1 to 2 minutes and follow the instructions to install the cartridges. Make sure your Epson printing device can easily identify the newly installed cartridges. After that, restart the device and check if the Epson printer error code 000031 is still displayed.

Solution 2: Try resetting the Epson printer.

If reinstalling the cartridge does not fix the problem, you can reset your Epson printer to fix the 000031 error. However, before following the step-by-step instructions to reset your Epson printer, verify that the connected PC has a secure Internet connection.

First, turn off your printer and wait for some time (for example, a minute or two) until the device turns on. You need to observe when two red LEDs start blinking, which clearly indicates the error status.

Next, use a high-quality original Epson printer USB cable and connect it to the PC. You need to select the factory reset option for your printing device to fix error 000031.

Next, click the Windows button, go to Control Panel and select “Printers and Device”. Navigate through the window to find the icon of your Epson printer and right-click on it.

You will need to select the “Reset” option to start the reset task for your Epson printing device. Therefore, after resetting the device to default settings, try printing something to see if the error code 000031 is resolved.

Solution 3: Clear the paper jam on the Epson printer.

You need to inspect both the paper tray and the inner part of your printing machine for paper jams. This can often be a major reason why Epson printers report a 000031 error. However, turn off the printer before opening the cover or cartridges to look for pieces of paper. If you find foreign objects, dirt, or dust inside, you will need to carefully remove it from your device.

Solution 4: Switch the printer off and on again

If you occasionally run your Epson printer for a long time without stopping, this can also cause error code 000031. Therefore, you can stop it for a while and let the printer driver restart the program when it starts properly. To use this method, turn off your Epson printer.

Then press the “Stop / Reset”, “Color Copy” and “Black & White Copy” buttons simultaneously. Then turn on your printing device. However, do not release these three buttons unless you see “init.EEPROM”.

When your printer’s screen displays the message “Press the power switch”, type “copy color” and turn off the printer. Then wait 1-2 minutes and turn on your Epson printer. Repeat this method a few times and see if the Epson printer error code 000031 can be fixed.

If the above fixes do not resolve Epson printer error code 000031, you can install the latest printer drivers. However, if the error is due to a hardware problem, you can contact a technician to fix printer and scanner issues. If you know about some technical fixes to remove 00031 error notification from Epson printers, you can share them in the comments section.

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