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How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x10

Epson Printer Error Code 0x10 – Epson is one of the most renowned printer and scanner companies in the world. It is a famous brand that focuses on home printing to a great extent. But sometimes Epson users encounter 0x10 error code due to some technical problems of the scanner. Some users said that they also get this code on their old scanners.

Epson scanner error code 0x10 indicates the faulty scanner segment of the printers. If the hardware is faulty or the scanning mechanism of your printer is blocked, this error code usually strikes. Even Epson’s best inkjet printer, Epson XP 420, has this scanner error code 0x10.

Common causes of the Epson error code 0x10

Power spikes and performance degradation due to heavy usage can cause the Epson XP 420 scanner in your old printers to have error code 0x10. Some hardware problems can also cause this error code to occur. We discuss all the reasons for this problem that can help you to solve this issue.

Logic board failure or scan head assembly jamming will cause this error code.

If there are particles or something similar in the scanner part, it will block the scanning mechanism.

Sometimes faulty hardware can be the main cause.

In most cases, you will not be able to continue scanning on printers due to a damaged scanner.

Corrupted or broken printer drivers can also lead to this problem.

Some simple methods to fix Epson error code 0x10 in seconds

When this 0x10 error occurs on your printer, you will not be able to continue scanning. So, you need to solve this problem to continue your work. If you find the main reason behind this problematic issue, it will be easier to fix this problem. Before going to a repair center, you can also try to fix the printer yourself. Just follow the methods described below.

Method 1: Check the printer

First, lift the cover and use a flashlight to check if there are any particles like paper or dust stuck in the scanner. If there are particles inside, remove them carefully.

Sometimes this error occurs due to problems with your device. If this is the main reason for this error, you will need software that can help fix the degeneracy, filter the memory and other missing records.

Now, restart the printer and check whether this problem continues to occur or not. If this problem occurs after cleaning the printer, you need to reset the printer.

Method 2: Reset the printer

In most cases, resetting the printer can help fix this problem. So it’s worth a try. To reset the Epson printer, you need to follow the steps below one by one.

First, unplug your printer’s power cord.

Wait for some time.

After a few minutes, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Press and hold the power switch and simply plug in your printer’s power cord.

Press and hold the power switch for another minute.

Method 3: Change the printer drivers

If you find that this error code 0x10 applies to a faulty driver, this is the only remaining option to fix the problem. To replace the driver, you need to follow the instructions below.

First, turn on the PC and also the printer.

Set your device to download the driver software automatically.

Go to the “Windows for installation” settings and click on “Change device installation settings”.

Select the “Yes” option to save the changes.

Now connect the printer to your device and search for a suitable driver for the printer.

If Windows can find the compatible driver for your printer, you will need to download and install it on your device.

These methods will help you to fix this problem. You can comment below and let us know your questions. If you still see Epson error code 0x10, contact the manufacturer.

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