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How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0X97

Epson Printer Error Code 0X97 – If you get Epson error code 0x970, this probably prevents you from printing.

What is Epson error code 0x97?

This error code can occur when there is a problem with the printer’s internal hardware.

Apparently, it occurs frequently with the wf-3620, wf-4630, wf-3640, and 7610 models.

According to Epson itself, it could occur after a failure of the motherboard or some other internal component. When this error occurs, it often causes your printer to suddenly shut down or stop printing.

Our advice is to try some of the following quick fixes to see if you can fix the error. If you can’t, it could be a more catastrophic failure that you can’t fix on your own.

In that case, depending on your warranty, you might be able to get them to ship you a new printer – so the last resort is to contact Epson support.

Let’s find out how to fix Epson Error Code 0x97

You can fix Epson printer error 0X97 in several ways. The Epson Printer Error 0X97 troubleshooting solutions are as follows.

Solution 1: Disconnect and plug in the printer.

First, you need to open the case of your printer and see if there is any paper material jammed. If there is, carefully remove all paper tapes.

Now, carefully remove all cartridges of your printer and unplug all USB cables of your Epson printer, and then turn off the printer by pressing the power button.

Wait for a few seconds and reconnect all the USB cables that were removed to the printer.

Now turn on the printer and check whether the 0X97 error is resolved or not.

If the error is not resolved, try solution 2.

Solution 2: Disconnect and plug your printer in reverse order.

This process is in contrast to solution 1. Through this process, you can determine if the error is caused by an internal hardware failure or not.

First, turn off your printer by pressing the power button and unplug all USB cables.

Wait 5 minutes and hold down the printer power switch for more than 1 minute.

Now connect all USB cables while pressing the power switch.

Press the power switch for another 1 minute after you have connected all cables.

Now reconnect the power cable and release the power switch.

Check whether the error is displayed or not. If Epson Error 0X97 persists, try solution 3.

Solution 3: Clean the clogged Epson printer nozzles with damp cloths.

Disconnect all power cords from your printer.

Now open the printer housing and wet a soft cloth with an ammonia-based cleaning fluid.

Place the cloth under the print head and move the print head to the center.

Leave the cloth in place for 12 hours.

Now remove the cloth and close the printer.

Now turn on the printer and check whether the error is fixed or not.

Technology says that you will discover five simple steps to keep your Epson professional printer running smoothly.

These steps are:


wipe it


turn it off


Over time, dust and other debris can build up on the feed roller – use cleaning sheets to clean it thoroughly.

Continue to keep your printer nice and clean with a damp, lint-free cloth, wipe down the sheet feeder, and give the exterior a once-over to keep dust to an absolute minimum

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