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How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A

Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A – Epson printers can print and scan documents very well. Sometimes Epson printers can trouble you when you face problems like errors and hardware failures.

One such error that usually keeps occurring in Epson printer is Epson printer error code 0X9A.

There are numerous reasons for this error code. This can occur due to ink cartridge error or damage.

Damage to system files in the Windows operating system, an incomplete installation process, or improper removal of hardware can also cause this error code.

Due to lack of experience, you may sometimes look for reliable solutions to fix the problem.

For this reason, we have discussed some important techniques that you can use to fix the problem yourself. Deviations from the given methods may not lead to the desired result.

Easiest ways to troubleshoot Epson printer error code 0X9A:

According to users, incomplete installation of an application or improper shutdown of Windows leads to Epson printer error code 0X9A.

To fix this problem, you should apply the solutions mentioned in the following section. Therefore, take a look at the next part and fix the problem yourself.

Method 1: Disconnect the printer from the computer and reconnect it.

Most users have reported that disconnecting and then reconnecting the printer may fix the problem.

To do this, first unplug the printer from the power outlet by unplugging it. Wait for a while and then plug it back in.

Now open the printer and check whether the same error code is displayed or not.

Method 2: Remove the paper jam

Paper jams in your Epson printer can cause various types of errors, including error code 0X9A. Therefore, you need to check the printer when a paper jam is detected.

Therefore, read through the following section to check it.

If you find damage in the encoder strip, clean it properly with a dry cotton swab. If you find that paper is jammed, you must remove it.

Also, check whether there is any other object or not.

Also, you need to check whether the printer’s belt is well fastened or not. If you found any fault, repair it as soon as possible.

Method 3: Clean the clogged printer nozzles.

You can fix this error by cleaning the clogged printer nozzle. If you don’t know how to do that, follow the steps mentioned in the following section.

Step 1

First, launch the printer driver setup window and click on the Cleaning option available in the Maintenance section.

Step 2

When you select the Cleaning option, the Printhead Cleaning dialog box appears on the system screen. Now click on the ink group where you want to perform the cleaning.

Step 3

Next, select the Initial Check items to display the items to be checked before proceeding with the cleaning process.

Step 4

Make sure your computer is turned on, and then click the Run option. Now the cleaning process will begin.

Step 5

It will take some time for the process to complete. When the process is complete, the Nozzle Check dialog box will be displayed.

Finally, check whether the error code persists or not. You can also apply these steps to improve the print quality.

Therefore, this is one of the effective processes to fix Epson printer error code 0X9A.

Method 4; Reinstall the printer device.

If the error code persists even after using the previous steps correctly, you also need to focus on the alternative method. You need to uninstall the printer device and install it with a new one.

To do this, go through the following section.

Step 1

First, go to the Control Panel section and then to the Devices and Printers section. After that, locate the Epson printer and right-click on it to remove it.

Step 2

Now, select the Remove Device option and click the Yes option when prompted on the system screen. After this process, unplug the power cord from the outlet and reboot the system.

Step 3

Finally, install the printer along with the driver with the latest version. After following the steps properly, you can fix the problem without any issues.

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