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How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x9d

Epson Printer Error Code 0x9d – In this fast-paced and technologically influenced world, printers have become one of the most important devices. In every business and office, we can scan and print anything in just a minute with the help of printers. However, for this to happen, the printer must work properly. There are many printer manufacturers, but among them Epson is one of the most reliable.

It offers many advanced facilities and features that attract many people. Despite all this, there are many technical glitches that irritate users. While using Epson printer, you may see Epson printer error code 0x9d message.

This Epson error code 0x9d message is generally displayed due to printer connection issues. Otherwise, the printer may behave strangely if you connect your printer to a device infected with viruses. Moreover, corrupted system files cause this kind of technical glitches in your system.

This error occurs most often among Epson printer users. Moreover, you can quickly fix the problems if you have technical knowledge in this field.

If you are not a tech-savvy person, this article will surely help you fix the problem. Follow the article properly and perform the procedure to cure your printer as soon as possible.

Epson Printer Error Code 0x9d – General Solutions

Every problem has certain solution methods to fix it. If you don’t know how to fix Epson error code 0x9d, this section will surely help you. Here we have compiled some effective and useful solution methods to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Reconnect the printer cables

When there is a problem in the connection between the printer and the system, such problems may occur in your system. Proper connection is most important for a printer to work properly. So it is better to check this part.

So, turn off the printer and your computer as well. After that, disconnect the connected cables between the printer and the computer. Now wait for some time and reconnect the cables after 10 to 20 seconds. Then turn on both the printer and the computer and try to print something. Now you will face the problem in your system.

Solution 2: Clean the printheads

The problem may also occur if the print head of the device is dirty. Therefore, clean the mechanic pad and the print head to remove the error message.

To do this, turn off the printer and remove the print head of your printer. Then wipe the mechanical part and mechanical pad with a damp cloth or tissue. Avoid direct water and liquids as this can damage the internal parts of your printer. Now close the print head and turn on the printer.

Solution 3: Run Windows Troubleshooting

The Windows operating system has a built-in troubleshooting tool that can fix minor problems associated with your system. You can fix the Epson printer error code 0x9d issue using the troubleshooter.

Click Start and look for the Troubleshooter. After opening the application, scan the entire system that is causing the problem. When you are done, click the Fix button. The wizard will now fix the issues automatically on your system. When you are done, reboot your system.

Solution 4: Update the printer driver

If you are using an outdated printer driver, such a serious problem may keep nagging you. This Epson printer error code 0x9d problem is one such issue that can be easily triggered for outdated drivers. An outdated printer driver does not contain enough information and data about the latest technology. Therefore, it is most important to update your drivers regularly.

To update the driver, open the Control Panel in your system and click on Device and Driver. After that, navigate to the “Epson printer driver” option. From there, you will see the “Update Driver” option. After clicking on the option, the latest printer driver will be installed automatically. Now, reboot your system after completing the task and access your printer without any issues.

Solution 5: Remove and reinstall system files

Sometimes, the problem may occur with corrupted system files of the printer. Go to the Uninstall option in the Control Panel. Then click on the Epson printer and from there uninstall the Epson printer system files. Then download these files from the Internet and install them correctly. After that, the problem will no longer occur in your system.

Solution 6: Look for malware and virus issues

Sometimes the printer’s driver gets corrupted by various malware and viruses. The corrupted drivers cause the problem “Epson Printer error code 0x9d”.

Install antivirus programs on your system to fix this problem. Then scan the entire system by clicking on the “Scan” option. You will get a list of problems that occur in your system. After that, simply select the “Fix” option to delete or repair the detected malware and viruses. After that, you can use your Epson printer without any problems.

Wrapping up

We hope that after going through the above procedures, you will be able to fix the Epson printer error code 0x9d issue. If you encounter the error again in the future, visit the website again for more information and knowledge.

Epson printers, like any other printer of any other brand, can give these error messages. However, the good thing is that you can fix them with the right instructions.

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