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How to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xe3

Epson Printer Error Code 0xe3 – Printers are delicate devices that can be used to turn soft copies into prints. There are many printer brands in the market, of which Epson is considered one of the best.

It is highly preferred by people due to its standard features and unbeatable performance. These printers have a good lifespan and offer a wide range of features, with an emphasis on delivering high-quality prints. However, technical devices suffer from errors after a certain point, and the all-rounder Epson printers are no exception.

A very common error code for Epson printer users is error code 0xe3. This is essentially due to a paper jam, obstruction, or a faulty cartridge. Are you one of those wondering how to fix Epson error code 0xe3? Follow the instructions to get an overview of the reasons and possible solutions to fix the problem.

Everything you need to know about Epson error code 0xe3:

Epson printers can print and scan documents. With continuous use, the printers may experience a failure and stop performing. Epson error code 0xe3 occurs when the packing material gets stuck on the cartridge tray of your Epson printer.

It can also occur when the cartridge is not properly placed in the desired area. Usually this takes place when a new printer is set up by the person. The likelihood of this error increases if the user makes mistakes during the installation process. Moreover, it can also be displayed when you start your system and get stuck at the first step.

The error code can hinder your device in various ways. If you are doing this with your brand new Epson printer, we know how frustrated you might feel. The initialization process will stop, and you won’t be able to start the printer. Second, you may have to remove the cartridge from the cradle and clear the area if foreign objects get stuck in your cartridge caddy. This procedure is very risky as you can increase the damage if you haven’t done it yet.

Simple tricks for clearing the cartridge caddy of your Epson printer

Turn off the all-in-one printer and turn it back on. Then print out a self-test report. If this method does not help you, you will need to remove the cartridge from its holder. To do this, you will need to have the new cartridge ready. Refer to the following steps to do this:

Turn on the printer

Pull up the cover of the scanner

Make sure you do not touch the print head with your hand and stay away from the white cable that is inside the printer.

After lifting the scanner unit, tap the stop button and wait for the print head to move the cartridge to the display position.

If you want to remove a full cartridge, press and hold the Stop button for 5 seconds and wait until the cartridge is in the replacement position.

Carefully remove the cartridge directly from the holder by squeezing the tab on the cartridge.

Clear the area now if anything is stuck in the holder.

Shake the new cartridge four to five times while it is still sealed before inserting it.

Avoid leaks by checking the sealed area before shaking the ink.

Remove the package from the cartridge and do not touch the green chip area.

Install the new cartridge immediately after removing the old one and place it on a clean cotton cloth.

Carefully remove the yellow tape from the sides of the cartridge.

Finally, install the brand new cartridge and press it without bending until it fits into the holder.

When installation is complete, pull down the scanner unit and tap the stop button. Make sure the print head moves back to the home position and starts the ink loading process. Check the Power Indicator, as it shows the time it takes for the print head to charge the ink. Do not turn off the printer until the power indicator is not completely off. This procedure is sufficient to clear error code 0xe3 and ensures that you can continue printing.

If error code 0xe3 is still displayed, it means that the installation was not performed correctly. Quickly return to your printer and follow these additional steps to fix Epson printer error code 0xe3 at the earliest.

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