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How to fix Netflix Error Code M7053-1803

Netflix Error Code M7053-1803 – You are watching your favorite movie on Netflix and suddenly an error message appears on the screen – Netflix error code M7053-1803.

It is very irritating when the movie suddenly stops. If you experience it, you are in the right clinic. It says that the information stored in the browser needs to be updated.


Many people have reported us about this error code. Relax, just follow our step-by-step guide to solve this problem. Let’s see how you can fix the error code without wasting time: M7053-1803.

Main reason for this problem

The problem can also be generated by certificate issues. If you go through a proxy (for example, Squid), make sure that you accept a certificate that is hidden by Silverlight.

This can also be the reason for errors like the Netflix error code UI-122 in some cases. But that would have other solutions.

Proven solutions for Windows and Mac users

For Windows users

The steps mentioned below are for Windows users only. Check it out:

Restart your PC

Just restart your PC and try again without doing anything.

Clear browser data

Delete all Google Chrome browser data with the help of this step:

Click Chrome’s three-dot vertical menu button on the toolbar.

From there, select the “Settings” option. Then scroll down the page and click “Advanced”.

Now select “Clear browser data” right on the “Privacy and security” tab. Next, move to the “Advanced” tab.

Here you will find the “Time range” drop-down list. Select “All times” from the option. Now you need to tick “Cookies and other site data” and “Media licenses”.

Then click on the “Delete data” option and wait for some time.

Then try again with Netflix

Take help from IndexedDB

There is only one help you can take from IndexedDB to delete IndexedDB.

Open Google Chrome and in the URL bar, simply type “chrome: // settings” and click Enter.

Then scroll down the page and select “View advanced settings …”. After that, go to the “Content settings” under “Privacy”.

Here, you need to select “All cookies and site data” under “Cookies”. Also, type “Netflix” in the search bar to browse all the saved Netflix cookies.

You can delete any cookie in the Locally Saved Data column by selecting that particular cookie and tapping X.

After completing this process, restart the Chrome browser and try Netflix again.

Reset settings

This step fixes all kinds of browser issues, not just Netflix issues. So, go through it:

Open Google Chrome and in the URL bar, simply type “chrome: // settings” and click Enter. Then, select the “Advanced” option, scroll down the page to the “Reset” section and click “Reset”.

After that, select “Yes” to confirm and proceed with Netflix.

After you successfully complete the above steps, you can watch your favorite media again.

For Mac users

If you are a Mac user, the steps below will be performed only for you. Just go through it and fix the problem. Let’s go:

Restart the PC

If you encounter this kind of problem, just restart the PC and try again with Netflix.

Clear browser data

Open Google Chrome and select “Settings.” Then scroll down and select the “Advanced” option.

Now select the “Clear browser data” option and the “Advanced” tab.

Then select “All times” from the “Time range” menu. Also check “Cookies and other site data” and media licenses.

Click “Clear data” and launch Netflix again.

Remove IndexedDB

This is one of the best solutions to fix the error. Simply remove IndexedDB from the PC browser.

Type “chrome: // settings” in the browser URL and click “Enter”. After that, select “Show advanced settings …” option and click “Content settings”.

Now, under the “Cookies” option, tap on “All cookies and site data”. Then go directly to the search bar and type “Netflix” to open all Netflix cookies. You need to delete all Netflix-related files. After that, restart the browser and try again.

Change Chrome settings.

If the above three steps do not provide a solution, proceed with this step and get a safe solution.

Go directly to the Advanced tab by following the above steps. Then scroll down to Reset and click on it.

Then a popup will appear on the screen. Just click on the “Yes” option. Now the reset process is complete and you can try Netflix again.

Now you can start streaming on Netflix again. Feel free to share your valuable feedback on the comment section. Don’t forget to add our website to your browser bookmark to receive our next updates and interesting news. Stay tuned.

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