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How to fix Samsung Washing Machine 4E, E1, 4C, CHE Error Codes

Samsung Washing Machine 4E, E1, 4C, CHE Error Code – They collected the dirty laundry and decided to arrange a wash day, put it in the drum of an assistant indispensable in everyday life and installed the necessary program. As a result, it tried to pump water, and after unsuccessful attempts, it displayed a 4E / E1 / 4C / CH error. Moreover, this error can occur in any specified mode without regularity.

If the manufacturer does not have a display in the device, the division is indicated by the characteristic LED lighting: LED lights, indicating the washing mode in cold water, and in addition, the LED lights of all modes flash.

Problem value

The abbreviation for fault 4 E / E1 / 4C / CHE indicates that the machine has problems with water injection. Each modification of the machines has a time for water injection set by the manufacturer. If during this time the pump does not perform its function and does not pump the correct amount, the machine stops, drains the water and indicates a malfunction.

Try to fix the indicated damage yourself before contacting a professional to repair a major household appliance. Very often, the cause of such a malfunction becomes banal negligence when starting the device and distraction (human factor).

Malfunction 4E / E1 / 4C, how to fix it without professional intervention.

Lack of water supply. Perhaps there is no water supply in the house or very low pressure. Therefore, the device can not pump water and a malfunction occurs. Wait until the proper intake is done and the Samsung machine is working properly.

Also, check the water inlet valve installed in front of the machine. It is closed and then opened. In some cases, the water pressure is too low and during the time specified by the manufacturer, the water does not pump, so the 4E error is displayed. Open the valve completely and the machine will operate normally.

Aquastop lock. Equipped a water supply with a special aquastop hose? If so, check for the correct connection based on the color. For the machine to work, you need to remove the blockage of the water supply. To do this, you need to replace the hose.

Banal device software error. Force restart. Disconnect the machine from the power supply for plus or minus 15 minutes. Execute. All previous settings should be reset. The device must be making money safely.

Violation of the integrity of the contact circuit (open). Check all contact connections from the control module for all software to the water injector. The control module does not receive information about the injection and water flow into the tank. It is necessary to disconnect and connect all contact loops in the specified area. If this is the reason, after reconnecting the contact loops, the device should reset the problem and make reasonable money.

The special filter does not let water through. If the filter is clogged, it must be removed. Remove the clog and rinse the filter at the entrance of the device. It must be washed under high pressure of running water and, if necessary, even put in a special solution of citric acid. Then reinstall it. After that, the device should work safely.

The correctness of the connection. The device pumps up and immediately drains the water. Then check the connection of the drain hose. It must be installed according to the instruction manual for Samsung washing machines.Check the conformity of the connection diagram in the documents supplied with the device (passport). Does not fit, call specialists.

The connection of the drain system does not meet the requirements. If you notice a breakdown for the first time after installation (during the first start-up after connection) after moving or purchase. The drain must always be under the drum, as if the water is not connected properly, escapes by gravity and does not linger (does not accumulate) in the tank of the washing machine. You have the specified causes and consequences, call professionals and connect the device to the sewer system according to the technical requirements.

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