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How to fix Samsung Washing Machine 5E, E2 Error Codes

Samsung Washing Machine 5E, E2 Error Code – You collected the dirty laundry and put it in the drum of your household help. Set the desired mode and run it. And instead of appropriate operation, you found on the display a combination of 5E / E2. Such symbolism indicates the absence of a drain. Both washing and rinsing displays a malfunction without a specific pattern.

If the device is not equipped with a display, the error is indicated by a characteristic LED illumination: The LED indicators responsible for all washing programs and the temperature LED 40 ° C flash (second indicator light, counting down from the top).

Error value

This abbreviation for error SE / 5E / E2 indicates that the machine cannot drain. After unsuccessful attempts to pump out dirty water, the machine interrupts the current mode and shows an error code on the display. Drain does not work.

Note. The abbreviation E2 is included only in Samsung typewriters with a display manufactured up to and including 2007.

A breakdown of 5 E / E 2 in Samsung units is widespread. Therefore, you can solve such a problem without calling the wizard. Consider the options for execution, if you can perform repairs without special training and experience.

Malfunction of the SE or E2, rectification without professional intervention.

To determine the reason for the lack of discharge, you need to manually drain the accumulated water from the device. Then open the porthole and remove the wet, unwashed laundry. We have performed the draining and begin to look for the cause of the highlighted combination of fault 5 E / E 2.

The filter is not serving its purpose. Open the flap on the lower front panel, remove the filter (first place a rag on the bottom to prevent water from leaking out of the flap). Then remove foreign objects and rinse the filter itself under running water. Then put it back and close the hatch. As a result of such manipulation, your machine should work safely.

The presence of a foreign body in the sewer (at the inlet of the drain hose to the sewer). To avoid such a malfunction, you must remove the drain hose and rinse it under running water. Remove any foreign bodies in the hose or in the drainage system (pipeline). Then restart the machine, let the water pump and drain. If it worked in normal mode, you have eliminated the breakdown.

Low capacity of the discharge hose. Check the hose for bends. If the hose is bent, remove the bends and straighten it. As a result, the hose can safely conduct water and drain adequately.

Software crash. You need to force a restart. To do this, disconnect the device from the power supply for a period of plus or minus 15 minutes. After stopping, reconnect the device to ensure proper operation.

Violation of the integrity (interruption) of the contact circuit responsible for the operation of the drain pump. Check the contact connections for communication between the control unit and the drain pump.Very often, such a problem is indicated by a new installation or after transportation of the machine. The contact loops must be disconnected and reconnected. After that, the device should work in normal mode.

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