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How to fix Samsung Washing Machine Error Code UC

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code UC – You cleaned the apartment and decided to do a big wash. You collected dirty laundry and immersed in your assistant, which is indispensable in everyday life. Installed the necessary program and started it. Instead of adequately run the selected mode, your computer offers you the following:

I started to run the mode you selected, blocking the porthole perfectly, and “voila” showed the Uc breakdown on the screen.

I made progress in my work, even pumped water and highlighted the problem Uc after;

It started working appropriately, and when the time came to heat the water, it stopped and showed a breakdown on its display.

It perfectly fulfills the installed program and as soon as it was time to turn and set the speed, it stopped and marked a Uc breakdown.

Please note that such malfunction occurs in any mode without periodicity and regularity.

Error value

The character combination US, 9С, 9Е1, 9Е2, which is shown on the displays of Samsung washing machines, alerts you to problems with the power supply. In the event of constant voltage surges (voltage drops in the network), the sensor controller notifies the control unit, so with such a power supply the machine can not work adequately. Very often washing machines manufactured after 2013 block operation even with power surges. When it is lower or higher than normal, the abbreviation for Uc malfunction is displayed on the device monitor.

In order for the Uc shortcut to be displayed on the device monitor, the oscillation amplitude must be very large and the differential period (presence of a very high voltage) must be at least one minute. Such a jump will then lead to a breakdown. After that, the machine stops and notifies you about problems with the power supply.

Fault Uc notifies you of mains problems and immediately triggers the control block and emergency stop of the device.

Fault Uc, 9C, 9E1, 9E2, rectification without professional help.

Power outages. Once the jump has occurred and then the voltage becomes normative (210-220 V), the fault is corrected itself. You just need to wait, and the machine itself will work in normal mode after stopping the programs.

No stable voltage in the network. Such a fault is indicated if there are constant voltage surges in the network in your apartment (house). Or the power supply provided by the transformer is constantly below the nominal value. As a result of the presence of low voltage, your device will not execute the selected modes, because to properly run the programs you need certain indicators of power supply, for example, it should be about 220V. If the network is overloaded in the morning or evening, and the network is very busy, it is better not to clear it during these periods. A special voltage control sensor will block the operation of your device. To avoid such a problem, you need to use a voltage stabilizer.

Faulty operation of the voltage control sensor in the network. When a software malfunction occurs and the sensor does not work properly. Therefore, the controller cannot determine the current voltage in the network. Therefore, due to the transmission of incorrect information to the control unit, the device is blocked for operation. To correct such malfunctions, a forced restart must be performed. Disconnect the machine from the power supply for plus or minus 15 minutes. Restart the machine. After resetting the current programs, it should work properly.

Problems with power supply directly to the house or apartment. When connecting the machine, consider the status of the existing wiring. If it is unable to supply the unit with the voltage needed for proper operation, it is best to replace it. Then, when you increase the speed or turn on the heating element, the machine does not work, and the wiring is designed to supply the required voltage of 210-220V. And the device lock does not start. If the socket to which the machine’s cable is connected is defective, it must be replaced. Then the cause of the malfunction will be eliminated and the machine will work properly at any time of the day.

Connect your machine only directly with a voltage regulator. Do not connect the machine through tees that carry (extension) cords.

Have you followed all the detailed recommendations yourself? Is the fault still displayed on the screen? The machine did not work? Then you need to seek professional help. After a professional inspection with professional equipment, our craftsmen will determine the cause of the uc malfunction and eliminate it.

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