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How to fix Samsung Washing Machine H1, H2, E5, E6, HE1, HE2 Error Codes

Samsung Washing Machine H1, H2, E5, E6, HE1, HE2 Error Codes – You collected the laundry and immersed it in your beloved and indispensable assistant of everyday life, carefully protecting your velvet arms. Set the desired mode and start the startup program. As a result, instead of a proper work, your assistant stopped and showed an error with the abbreviation H1 / H2 / HE1 / E5 / E6 / HE2 on its display. Mainly, such a fault is displayed after plus or minus 15 minutes, and occasionally it can be displayed immediately after the start. It should be noted that in the event of such a malfunction, the device can be safely washed in normal water without heating (30 ° C). In rare cases, the device even brings the water to a boil.

Samsung washing machines, where the manufacturer does not provide a display, signal a malfunction with the help of a characteristic LED lighting: LED lamps of all washing programs and temperature indicators in the center, responsible for 40 ° C and 60 ° C or 30 ° C, flash and 60 C.

Error value

Character combinations always starting with “H” – H1, H2, HE, HE1, HE2 indicate that your device cannot heat the water properly (the problem is related to the heater), i.e. the temperature sensor does not fulfill its purpose (the water does not heat up or has a very high temperature exceeding the value set individually for a particular program). As a result, the device can work sufficiently without heating only in the modes where cold water is used. In all other modes, the displayed error is shown.

The fault of water heating has its own gradation. The H1 / HE1 breakdown code is displayed if:

Within 2 minutes after starting the electric heating element, the water is heated to over 40 ° C.

The water is heated to a temperature higher than 95 ° C without any reason.

As a result, your device cannot control the operation of the heating element, so it very often brings the water to a boiling point or close to it.

Fault H 2 / HE 2 is displayed when:

The heater does not heat the water by more than 2 ° C for plus or minus 10 minutes.

consequently, such a shortcut signals a malfunction of the heating element.

Please note that, in principle, such a problem can be solved only by professionals specializing in the repair of washing machines. However, there are troubleshooting options that allow you to manage your efforts.

Damage to H2, HE2, H1, HE1, E5, E6, which must be carried out to perform repair work without professional intervention.

Incorrect connection to the mains. The device must be connected directly or through a voltage regulator. Do not use extension cords, tees under any circumstances.

Software crash. Force restart. Unplug the unit for a period of plus or minus 10 minutes.Then restart the unit. It should operate safely.

Violation of the integrity of the contact circuit of a special heater. Check the contact connections in the area from the control module to the electric heater. Disconnect the loop contacts and reconnect them. Very often such problems occur after transportation or lack of proper installation of the machine. Then the machine should start working.

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