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How to get the Fuel in Minecraft – Charcoal

If you want to make something in Minecraft, you often need coal to do it. Instead of mining coal, you can make charcoal from tree trunks.

Charcoal is a material that even newcomers to the game can craft quite easily. For this reason, you should start acquiring the needed material as soon as possible and crave a workbench, pickaxe and a stove:

  • Cut down 3 trees and place them one by one in a crafting field. You will get 12 wood. You only need one more tree to make charcoal later.
  • From 4 wood you craften a work band, from 2 wood on top of each other you create 4 sticks in Minecraft.
  • Now put 3 wood in the top row of the workbench and in the middle 2 sticks one below the other, now you have a pickaxe. You are already getting closer to charcoal in Minecraft.
  • To get the cobblestones you need for the kiln, mine stone with the pickaxe. Place 8 paving stones in the outer fields of the workbench and you will get a stove in Minecraft.
  • So you can quite quickly get a furnace to melt ores or make charcoal in it.
How to get the Fuel in Minecraft – Charcoal

How to Make Charcoal in the Game

  • Now take a wood and a log.
  • Put the wood at the bottom and the log at the top into the Minecraft oven and you will get charcoal.
How to get the Fuel in Minecraft – Charcoal

Use of charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal and coal are largely identical in use in Minecraft, but you can’t stack them mixed.

Coal and charcoal are a better fuel than wood, they last for 8 burns.

From charcoal or coal you can make torches, which not only give light, but also melt snow and ice.

Powered lorries you can run only with these substances, not with wood. You can drive with them for 4 minutes.


Charcoal is a good alternative to coal, which you need to find first, because the material wood or log is much easier to obtain. Thus, you can easily make the charcoal you need yourself in Minecraft.



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