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How to PIN Comments Under Instagram Posts 2022

Pinning posts may still be familiar to some from forums: Threads or posts that were important for a topic were displayed at the top so that everyone could find them directly. It is also possible to pin posts on Instagram. I’ll show you how it works here.

The feature has been tested since May and was rolled out to all users earlier this month. In fact, a few changes have been made to the photo network in recent months – most of them more cosmetic or legal.

Pin comments under Instagram posts

Specifically, Instagram provides its users with the option to pin up to three comments. The user who posts a comment that has been pinned will be notified.

Instagram claims to offer this feature in order to highlight positive interactions and thus lead to a better overall user experience. Just a while ago, the feature to delete multiple comments at once was added.

How to PIN Comments Under Instagram Posts

How to pin comments under Instagram posts

You now know why this feature was added and what the deeper meaning behind it is. Time to pin your first comment. Here’s how.

  • Open Instagram and find the comment you want to pin
  • Swipe left to see the new menu
  • Here you’ll find the option to delete the comment, reply to it or pin it. As mentioned before, you can pin up to three comments by tapping on the pin icon. The last pinned post will appear at the top.

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