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How to READ messages in the Facebook Messenger Without Sending Read RECEIPT

Like most messengers, Facebook Messenger also shows whether someone has read a message or is currently writing. This may be useful, but for some users it is annoying.

For important messages, it may be useful to know that you have been read. But often the hook leads to some kind of obligation to reply. I’ll show you here how to get around this in Facebook Messenger.

Anyone who remembers the days when you could only text knows that read receipts are not a given. WhatsApp is of course the first messenger to introduce the hook. Later, the writing indicator was added, which indicates that the other person is typing a reply. Of course, Facebook has also added the feature to its Messenger.

We know read receipts from emails. However, they have to be requested and confirmed by the recipient. In business correspondence, it is probably sometimes important to know whether and when a message has been read.

If you don’t want your contacts to know if you have read a message in Facebook Messenger, there are two tricks you can use. I will show you them in the following.

Read Messages without Sending Read RECEIPT

How to READ messages in the Facebook Messenger Without Sending Read RECEIPT

Read message in notifications

The Facebook Messenger app can display the contents of messages in notifications. If you don’t want to send a read receipt, then read the message in notifications only. You can find the corresponding settings in the Facebook app under “Notifications and sounds“.

Read messages in flight mode

Another trick is to read messages in flight mode. Without an internet connection, the read notification cannot be sent. It’s important that you close the app after reading. Check in the task manager if it is really closed before deactivating the flight mode.

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