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How to Recover Deleted Telegram Contacts

Telegram is a popular messaging app. Especially the feature set is larger than the competition in many places.

As with most messengers, the phone contacts are synchronized by Telegram. If you have accidentally removed one or more contacts from Telegram, I will show you how to reset the contacts in Telegram.

How to Find Deleted contacts

If you have deleted contacts from within Telegram, you will not be able to view or write to them. It is also not enough if you still have the contact saved in your phone address book. How to solve the problem?

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Contacts

Restore Deleted Telegram Contacts

Please note: The following procedure only works if you imported your Telegram contacts from the address book when you first used Telegram. Now you have a contact that you removed from Telegram either by mistake or in a fit of personal disappointment. To restore the contacts to their original state, do the following:

  • Open Telegram on your Android
  • Open the 3-trick menu
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down until the app version is displayed
  • Press and hold the item until ̄\_(ツ)_/ appears
  • Press and hold the entry again until a “Debug Menu” appears
  • Select “Reset imported contacts” below

Done. Your deleted contacts should now be visible in Telegram again. Note that you should only use the other options of the debug menu if you know what the corresponding function does.


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