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How to Rename a Contact in Skype

How to Rename a Contact in Skype – With the free Skype communication software you have several options to choose from to manage and sort your contacts. Learn how to rename your contacts and what other options you have here.

How to Rename a Contact in Skype

Rename contact name with a few clicks

If you want to give new names to your contacts, you can do this in Skype in just a few steps:

To do this, first start the Skype software and then log in with your Skype login data or open the Skype you have already started.

If you do not see your contact list, switch to the “Contacts” tab.

Now search for the contact you want to rename. To do this, you could either scroll through your contact list or use the search box above the contact list.

Once you have found the contact, you can now rename it in two ways. First, you could right-click on the contact and then click the “Rename” option relatively far down, or open the chat window for the contact (usually by double-clicking) and then either click the “Edit” icon by the name or double-click on the name. Alternatively, you could also highlight the contact and then click “Rename” in the menu under “Contacts“.


Now enter the new name for the contact and press the Enter key to exit the edit mode and save the new name.

Other ways to edit Skype contacts

To organize your contacts, Skype gives you other options besides renaming.

First of all, you could have your contacts sorted by name rather than by their status. To do this, you just need to click on the “Name” option under “Contacts” in “Sort contacts by“.

In addition, you also have the option of hiding contacts that are offline or that you have not yet confirmed as a contact. You can also do this under “Contacts” at “Hide contacts with this status” with the option “Offline“.

If your contact list should have too many entries, you can edit the display of your contacts directly above the contact list with the selection list, which you will find on the far left. By default, “All contacts” is set, but you could also use “Skype contacts” or “Phone numbers“, for example.

Moreover, at the very bottom there you will find the “Create new list” option, which allows you to divide your contacts into certain groups. All you need to do is create the list you want using this option and then just right-click on the contact in question to assign it to the desired list using “Add to List“.

Moreover, in the context menu of the contact (right click) you can either delete it completely from your contact list (“Remove contact“) or “Block” it. By blocking you can prevent the respective contact from sending you further messages or trying to call you, which would still be possible in principle despite the deletion from your contact list.

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