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How to REPORT Someone as SPAM on WhatsApp

As the most popular messenger, WhatsApp is not only used for normal communication. People with bad intentions also use WhatsApp for their purposes.

If you are often bothered by such users, then you can use an important function of WhatsApp: Reporting contacts as spam. In this article you will learn how to do that and what you have to keep in mind.

Annoying messages on WhatsApp

If you are annoyed by advertising messages that are sent to you via WhatsApp, you do not have to change your number directly. WhatsApp is aware of the problem and therefore there is an interesting feature for you, with which you can block and/or report users.

How to REPORT Someone as SPAM on WhatsApp

How to Block or report WhatsApp users

If you have identified a contact that you do not know, you can report the contact. This will also block him directly. If a message is sent to you again, it will be reported to WhatsApp and further steps can be taken against the contact.

You can also simply block a contact – in this case, no message is sent to WhatsApp, but the user is only blocked. If you choose this option, the user will no longer be able to send you messages. However, the contact will not be reported to WhatsApp for verification.

Report user on WhatsApp – Here’s how

  • Open WhatsApp and find the chat you want to report
  • Now tap on the 3-dot menu
  • Select here more options
  • Here you will find the item Report User

If you have tapped on it, then you must confirm that you want to report the user. Note that you can also block the contact and delete the chat history. For this you have to check the corresponding box. You will no longer receive spam from this user.

How to Block user – this is how to do it

You probably noticed that next to the option “Report user” there was also an option “Block user“. You can find this option in the corresponding chat in the 3-dot menu under “more options“. Here you can choose whether you only want to block the user or also send a message to WhatsApp.

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