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How to STOP Automatic Downloading of images in WhatsApp

If you have a volume-limited rate, you will appreciate every saving in mobile data usage. WhatsApp as a communication center for many media is not exactly economical.
we’ll show you how you can reduce the data consumption of WhatsApp in Android by preventing the automatic download of images.

How to STOP Automatic Downloading of images in WhatsApp

How to Stop Automatic Downloading of images in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a setting on board that allows you to prevent the download of media on certain networks. This affects all media except voice messages. These are always downloaded automatically to deliver the best communication experience.

After you have opened WhatsApp, do the following:

  • Go to the settings of WhatsApp
  • Open Data and Storage Usage
  • In the Media Auto Download section tap on Mobile Data
  • Uncheck Photos and Pictures
  • Do the same for the items In WLAN and When Roaming

Tip: You can also uncheck Video, Audio and Documents. This saves even more data. In the future you have to tap the media manually to download. It hardly bothers you during daily use, but saves a lot of data and memory on the Android device.

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