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How to Use Shortcuts for Instagram in Android

App shortcuts have been available in Android for some time. The shortcuts introduced in 2016 are finally coming to Instagram.

Actually, you might think that these have already been available for Instagram for some time. Instagram is usually in the forefront when it comes to implementing new features. But far from it. Today I’ll show you how to use Instagram app shortcuts for Android.

What are app shortcuts?

So far, only a few users report that they can use the popular shortcuts. It doesn’t seem to be a feature that gets rolled out via app update. So installing a specific version of the app won’t help you here.

The app shortcuts allow you to use direct shortcuts within Instagram. This can be a shortcut to Direct Messages or to a specific Instagram account if you use more than one, or a direct shortcut to the Explore tab. You can even use a shortcut directly to post a new post. Overall, this should save users time and make using the app convenient with as few clicks as possible.


Use app shortcuts for Instagram – Long tap opens the menu

Instagram App Shortcuts: Here’s how

Currently, Instagram is still rolling out the feature. So, it’s possible that you’re yet to get this option. To use the app shortcuts, all you have to do is hold down the Instagram app icon.

A menu with the various shortcuts will open. By default, Camera, New Post, View Activity, and Direct Messages are available there. In some cases, an “Edit” button is available with which you can customize this list. We have already described how to get the old Instagram icons back.

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