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How to Catch Sheep in Minecraft

How to Catch Sheep in Minecraft – In the open-world game Minecraft there are numerous animals, such as cows, pigs and sheep. These appear randomly in the game world and are peaceful. Unlike mobs, animals don’t attack the player. You can even capture these animals with your avatar and get a pet that will follow … Read more

[Solved] Minecraft does not Work on This Device

It can happen that the game Minecraft does not work on the computer. The causes can be very different and depending on the cause you need to proceed differently. Minecraft does not Work on This Device This compilation of possible causes and their remedies will surely help you get Minecraft working, because doesn’t work doesn’t … Read more

How to Create/Register a Blog with Blogger

If you want to create your own blog, then the largest service from the search engine provider Google is the best choice. To log in to Blogger, you only need a Google account and the Blogger service. Google Blogger platform is totally free The Blogger service from Google is completely free and very easy to … Read more

How to Delete Blog on Blogger

Blogspot is a blog website from Google. If you sign up there, you can’t unsubscribe your account. But how you can at least delete your blog, you can learn here. Many people want to write a blog and register with providers such as Blogspot. However, it happens again and again that you no longer want … Read more

How to Add a Contact on Skype

How to Add a Contact on Skype – If you want to chat with your friends on Skype with a camera and make video calls over the Internet? This is how you can do it by adding new contacts on Skype. Sign in to Skype Open Skype. You can do this from the Start menu … Read more

How to Rename a Contact in Skype

How to Rename a Contact in Skype – With the free Skype communication software you have several options to choose from to manage and sort your contacts. Learn how to rename your contacts and what other options you have here. Rename contact name with a few clicks If you want to give new names to … Read more

How to Delete Contact on Skype

With the help of Skype you can stay in touch with your friends, acquaintances and family all over the world for free. However, sometimes you want to disconnect from a certain person and delete the contact. You don’t always want to keep all the contacts in your list. Skype makes it very easy to delete … Read more

How to Clean the Epson Printer Printhead

You are the owner of an Epson printer and want to clean the push button of the device after a long period of use? With the right instructions, this procedure is done in no time. Clean Epson print head effectively under Windows Cleaning a print head, from Epson, is relatively difficult because you cannot remove … Read more

How to Clean Canon ip4000 Printhead

Your Canon IP4000 has been experiencing poor print quality lately. It prints streaky and some colors are not printed anymore. In this case, the print head is dirty and you need to clean it. Canon IP4000: Cleaning the print head There are several ways to clean the print head of the IP4000. First, you should … Read more

How to Clean Printer Head of the Brother MFC 235C

If the print quality of your inkjet printer is declining, there is not necessarily serious damage to your output device. Even cleaning the printheads can provide a remedy. How to clean the print head of your Brother MFC 235C is described in the following instructions. Before cleaning the printhead, perform a print quality test. To … Read more

How to fix Brother Printer Error Code 70

Your printer displays “Error 70” and you don’t know what it means? Also, the printer does not want to continue printing. How to fix the printer problem, read the instructions. What is the Brother Printer Error Code 70 Error 70 is mostly displayed by Brother printers. It means that there is a foreign object somewhere … Read more

How to fix Brother Printer Error Code 0x803c010b

Brother printers have received great attention from users around the world. These printers offer exceptional service and perfect features for fast printing. With this printer, you get an all-in-one printing feature in one printing device. However, Brother printers are also not free from random glitches like others. Nowadays, Brother printer users are often shown error … Read more