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Protect WordPress Blog with Password – How to Encrypt Your Blog

Even though a large public blogging scene has developed in recent years, many people still use a blog as a diary in the classic sense. It’s not far-fetched to want to protect and lock it. A real book is locked with a key, a blog with a password.

Protect WordPress Blog with Password – How to Encrypt Your Blog

How to protect your blog and blog articles with a password.

The peculiarity of a blog is the fact that you can publish your thoughts without any detours. Theoretically, people all over the world can read in your pages. This creates discussions and very stimulating conversations. If you encrypt your blog, you won’t reach any readers. But of course, you can make the blog password available to selected readers and at the same time keep access to your pages under control.

The most used blog software is called WordPress. WordPress does not offer password encryption for the entire site out of the box, but you can implement encryption by installing a plugin. We recommend the plugin “Members Only“, which you simply install in the “Plugins” section and then activate. For this, you don’t need more than basic knowledge in handling a WordPress blog. Internet providers that host a blog for you have already integrated this function into the basic settings.

Of course, there is also the possibility to encrypt individual articles. This way, less explosive information is visible to the readership, while thoughts worth writing down that are not intended for the public can still be collected within the blog. You can set the visibility for each article before publishing, just select the “password protected” option. This will open an input field where you enter the appropriate password. The article will now be published, but only the title will be visible to the general public. Anyone who calls up the article will be asked to enter a password.

Furthermore, every WordPress blog offers a setting in the “Privacy” section that prevents your own entries from being found by search engines. This is another way of limiting the number of unknown visitors, because if the search engine’s web crawlers no longer detect the blog, there is no danger of it being found via previously undeterminable keyword combinations.

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