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[Solution] WhatsApp Voice Messages don’t Play

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes even an app like WhatsApp has small errors. Very often there are errors with voice messages.

The popular function can have dropouts from time to time. At the same time, the error patterns can be very different. How the errors look like and how you can fix them, I explain in today’s post.

How to fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Error

The most common error is probably that a voice message cannot be played or downloaded. It can also be that it is played, but no sound is audible. Rather rarely, the message “This voicemail is not available” appears. On the receiver side, it can also be that the display turns off when listening to voice messages.

When recording voice messages, there are sometimes no problems. In the following, we will take a look at some possible solutions for the problem with voice messages.

[Solution] WhatsApp Voice Messages don’t Play

Memory, volume, reboot

Let’s go through the simple options first:

  • First check if there is enough free memory left on your device.
  • Also check if the volume is set correctly
  • Last but not least, you can reboot your device once – this is good for several reasons

Disable third-party recording apps

Very often, a third-party app that enables sound recording interferes with the playback of voice messages – even if this app does not interact directly with WhatsApp. If you have installed an app for this purpose, then deactivate it as a test. If everything then works normally, you will probably have to look for a new recording app.

Check permissions

After updates, WhatsApp may ask for permissions again. It can happen that you have skipped this by mistake. So check in the permission settings whether you have given WhatsApp all the permissions it needs.

Wrongly applied display foil

If your screen goes out when you listen to voicemails, it will be related to your display film in some way. You might wonder why? Well WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to listen to voice messages simply by holding the phone to your ear. This is done using the proximity sensor – which can be irritated by a wrong or incorrectly applied display film.

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