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[Solved] Minecraft does not Work on This Device

It can happen that the game Minecraft does not work on the computer. The causes can be very different and depending on the cause you need to proceed differently.

[Solved] Minecraft does not Work on This Device

Minecraft does not Work on This Device

This compilation of possible causes and their remedies will surely help you get Minecraft working, because doesn’t work doesn’t really exist.

  • Check if your PC meets the requirements to be able to play Minecraft. In rare cases, you may need a new graphics card or even just a new graphics card driver.
  • Far more often there is a problem with Java, check if you have allowed Java on the PC, you have to set this in the browser you are using.
  • Another possible reason why Minecraft doesn’t work is that you are using an outdated Java version. Always download and install the latest Java version. Then the game will run as well.
  • If the game ran until you installed one of the numerous modifications, it is probably because you made a mistake during the installation. Remove the MOD and reinstall it, then Minecraft should work again.
  • Another possibility why the game doesn’t work after installing the MOD is that the MOD is not suitable for the version of Minecraft you have on the PC. In that case, you’ll have to abandon the MOD and choose one that has been designed for your version of Minecraft.

In general, you must remember to delete the folder “Meta-Inf”, because this will cause problems after installing MODs.

If you have a problem with a MOD that you can’t get a handle on and Minecraft just won’t work, after logging in go to “Options” and type in “Force Update“. Then you can play the game without the MOD.

If everything is of no use and Minecraft continues to not work, you will have to contact the game’s support.

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